Year in View

Aah! Finally the year 2012 is ending.So First, Happy New Year (in advance) 😀

This year was amazing for me.I mean nothing solid happened to me but I enjoyed the whole year 2012.And the World was not annihilated on 21.12.2012.*chuckle*

It started with bad opening of disappointing results in MBA exams.But as the year moved on it improved for good.

I stayed in Delhi for around 8 months and prepared for UPSC exam.Though at first I detested joining a coaching institute but all went great there.The teachers were capable & amazing but the best were the friends I made there.It seems I befriend people who won’t give you senti if you have been out of connection with them.They will always have the friendly dynamics with me even if I met them after months.Most of my closest friends have the same qualities.I will see them all soon in 2013.

Generally, my family or even me do not spend our holidays travelling around new places.But this year, I travelled to not one but two beautiful & serene places of India.In May, we went on vacation to North-East India, mainly Guwahati & Shillong and near by areas. People in India just miss the exciting natural landscapes of North-East India,their tasty food & their rich and diverse culture.I want to again visit the North-East & go further east to Nagpur,Manipur,Tripura,Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim.

The Andamans & Nicobar Islands are just perfect.It was impressive to see that they have maintained the natural island atmosphere up till now.Though more development is required there.I am going to have one full week holiday there again – on Havlock & Neil Islands.They were the best – White sand, calm water,crystal blue sea, colourful fishes,coral reefs & huge size fresh coconuts.Or probably next I will go for Lakshshdweep archipelago.

Away from people & places, on the personal note I had some regrets & some achievements – (as it should be in real life).

Books – I kept on reading new books this year.It’s around 35 or something despite being busy with my studies for the Exam.Now,It has become a habit to go on reading new books, adding new perspectives & dimensions in my mind.I started reading not only books but all the reports(yeah full actual reports) govt. & other orgs publish for the general public.Also, a little deviating from my usual non-fiction stuff, I also read some good books in Fiction genre.

Results – My first attempt at UPSC and I am pretty happy with my prelims results.And sort of anxious about my Mains result.Let the anxiety continue, I will study harder then.

Graphics – This is the what I was able to touch only.I didn’t made much illustrations the whole year & when I had time I was busy playing LOL *sigh*.Thanks to the ‘#amwriting’ series I made some illustrations.But over all It needed more indulgence.However, I kept on finding new amazing graphics by artists – trying to maintain inspiration for me.

Spanish & Programming – Hell! I crossed 2 levels in Duolingo & now I can understand basic spanish(written form) 😀 .I have problem understanding the accent(Yo Habla espanol! amigos  🙂 ).I could have also finished this but thanks to my indulgence in fruitless games.Same happened with programming, I revised coding for web-designing butt couldn’t start any web project. *sigh*
By Next year, I can become fluent in spanish(I hope so)

One Crazy Project – Yeah! that shitty love story I was writing.I almost finished the 1st Draft.Almost because I left 2-3 chapters in between to add some parts of stories which were not conceivable at that time.If next year gives me time – I will start working on the Second Draft asap.This project gave me big insight into how tough it is to write a novel & how creative it can be.Just Amazing experience. I think I will share those after finishing my second draft. Now, even I will advice any person to just write a novel even if it is for oneself only.It’s a great experience.Do have it.

Finally, on personal development.It feels rhetoric to review ones self-development over the year.As mind has the capability to rationalize almost everything.I can give a reason to anything which happened to me & miss my own contribution or someone elses’.Still from a third person view, It may look that I have grown-up & have become more mature.But I would disagree to that.I still don’t feel like any grown-up or a mature person.I still feel the same but with much better & deeper self-knowledge.Living alone (not lonely)do help in self-discovery of the real you.Well! at least to some extent.I will dig more deeper in this area.The question though still remains unanswered to me :

Have I grown-up?

I wish to all that your Next Year bring you more revelations in different dimensions of Life.And help you find answers to some of the unanswered questions lurking in your head.

Happy New Year. 😀


P.S – I am away from my home so couldn’t make my own 2013 illustration.*Sigh*The image is from


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