I don’t want to

I don’t want to go to the protest march.

I don’t want to go on the roads and shout at full pitch -‘We want Justice’.

I don’t want to put that ‘black’ dot dp on my fb.

I don’t want to hold a candle & march to India Gate.

I don’t want to sit outside any senior ministers house & ask him/her to come out.

I don’t want to put on a show for the media houses.

I don’t want to accept that my country needs another freedom.

I don’t want to feign any concern for the rape victims.

I don’t want to arrogantly & ignorantly protest about something so important.

I don’t want to foolishly ask for laws & punishments.

I don’t want to – I don’t want to.

I want to vote out all those politicians who stay passive in such events.

I want to go to my local political representative & ask for steps he has taken in his constituency.

I want to know more about the existing laws & punishments and ask them to be acted upon quickly & get them improved.

I want no more such rape incidents in my area to happen.

I want to educate the men in my family to honor the opposite sex.

I want to change my nation from inside, right from the people’s mindset to the leadership.

I want to use my rights and also fulfill my duty to my nation.

I want to genuinely help those victims to get back to the track by not discriminating them as victim objects.

I want more empowered & aware nation.

I want to I want to

 I know many will not agree to my opinion,but they are my personal opinion.And they are not limited by the above lines – they can go much broader & deeper to improve my country’s social conditions.I want so much more to say about it but I know writing a personal blog post won’t do much to change the condition of the rape victim.So, I keep my empathy to myself for now.
Also, to me also the view above look a little naive now and despite not wanting to put that ‘Black Dot’ i placed it. After all, I do protest against such heinous acts.



3 thoughts on “I don’t want to

  1. This is a nice post. I think on e thing which resonates within me as well is how I want people to understand and realize and change from the inside. Their mindset and attitude needs a complete 180 shift.

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