Two States

He is not feeling good, actually he was feeling nothing at all.It was numbness of the dark cave and the people around him – he thought.

He stepped out of his cave to gaze at the glittering sky above his head.He stretched his head way back to encompass the whole view of the beauty above him.Still he was not feeling any better.Looking around him into the dark woods, his head moved to the dirt on which he was standing.Suddenly, he felt the surface below him subsiding, there stood up walls of dirt all around him.He looked up to the sky to grasp what actually was happening.The ground had cracked down from the surface , the sky was visible from the cracked hole.This didn’t surprised him, calm & dull he stayed there looking at the sky.His locomotive ability was slowly giving up, but he was still standing.He checked his body to find it fully covered with dirt, which had solidified.He tried moving his limbs but he was stuck in there.He knew it was worthless to waste his left up energy into breaking the mold .Then he watched the hole above his head getting bigger and bigger.And soon he found himself back to the surface, back to the same spot where he was standing earlier.The dirt coat or cyst was gone, but not its effect.He still didn’t feel like moving his limbs or even having a thought in his mind.

However, feeling doesn’t take orders from the conscious mind.Disgusted,gloomy,exhausted, loathsome – he tried describing it, all the time understanding that he can’t identify it correctly.Why? he asked himself, Why?

He knew the answer to that question because he has asked this question many times, only to find satiated by only one thing – Fire. He was awaiting the warmth & glow of the fire.Expecting it to present itself before him anytime soon.

His nostrils sensed something fresh, he inhaled deeply to confirm it.It was the fresh air coming with the swirling wind.He straightened up and tryied to squeeze something out from the breeze,taking deep breaths.He picked up a twisted wooden stick and a deer skull from the ground which was their since their last hunting exploit.He knew it was coming back, the breeze is the messenger telling him that rain was coming.He started humming a personal tone and thumping his feet on the ground.Some people came out from the cave hearing the commotion.Only few of them knew what was coming, their face was beaming with joy.For others, he was doing the Shaman dance to bring about the spirits.In no time, the rain started pouring down heavily, lashing his body.Drops came down on his body like they will dig deep holes on it ,as they do to the rocks, but he was relishing it.He can now feel each part of his body.He was invigorated by the rain and wanted to move every part of his body, enjoying each drop touching his skin.Trying to confirm his existence, his physical existence,his mental existence.Though, it was not all – he knew what he wanted will present itself before him and very soon.

A loud echo of thunder came from afar.Then a bright illuminating rod of light descended down from the blue-black clouds violently in the forest to his left.That was it – it has presented before him.His rhythm increased and dancing more ecstatically he made his way to that place in the forest.He fell down on his knees at the sight of the log of tree on fire.He had waited for it all along.He quickly prepared a spot on the ground to take the wild-fire and change it to a bonfire.Finally, his mind was satiated .

Sky was again clear now, the stars were again visible.He sat their playing with the burning wood,listening to the crackling sound of fire and constantly watching the sky.But now his way to look at them has changed.It had a certain mood of equality.He was again a part of the glittering cloth wrapping the universe.The light from the stars came from the similar bonfires burning over a plane encircling his world,He imagined that.So many other person were feeling the warmth of the little fires.He thought that they were superior to those wandering in the dark empty space.They were all part of a big beautiful landscape, and now he was also a part of it.

His head moved towards the east and an anxious feeling crept into him.The horizon was transitioning from the violet to a pale glow of orange.The time has come, soon the Great Fire will burn this beautiful cloth into nothingness.But it was not what bothered him, the Great Fire will again re-weave the glittering cloth into a new pattern after burning it.He had seen that happening day after day, for years.What disturbed him was the glowing amber of his bonfire.He knew it will not last ,soon, the warmth will be gone, the glow will cease.He will again be the part of the empty darkness , thrown back from the sparkling piece of the cloth.

He said to himself in his mind,’ I have to find a way to create the bonfire by myself ‘.

*   *   *


Part of Tell-a-Tale(Two State presents the two state of mind)
P.S – I took the picture from Google, so if anyone has any problem, I can change it.


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