SHSF – 4

[This post is part of my Stay Hungry Stay Foolish(SHSF) series of posts on some start-up or service ideas]

I was reading some [start-up] ideas presented in an event by ThoughtWorks at Bangalore,India. You can read them here. There are some nice and innovative ideas and some obvious & not so useful ones.As given in the post, first prize was won by ‘Design-A-Board’. But this SHSF post is not about the winner nor about that event. It’s about ‘Real Estate GIS’ (8th from the top).

When I was on my Andaman trip, I had this idea.
“Real Estate GIS lets you find every tiniest detail of information you need in a very intuitive format, on a map.” 
Actually it was not for any private or public use as such. It was for the govt. to implement. I am a visual junkie and love the visual maps & visual graphs of different data  And one day I read about number of factories being sanctioned along the Yamuna River in U.P. Being both a supporter & critical of govt. bodies, it came to my mind that it would be great to the RTI activists or people in general to have such data in visual format.

So the SHSF idea is to have any company & factory(now also real estate) location stored in both the format of written address & also marked location on GIS maps. It would only need some changes in the Company’s Act by the govt. As per the Act address is already taken of the location of the land holding or the building.Then after this change, one has to provide the GIS location on the map( Like the one you see in personalized Google maps or Wikimapia).Similarly, for the real-estate also one can have a similar system placed. The idea is so simple but can have huge repercussions on the govt bodies and illegal & illegitimate land holders.The RTI activists can get the actual location of the plants & factories.Any incessant growth of industries in a protected or sensitive area can be monitored. The mining & lumber operations can be surveyed accurately.A lot many things can be possible & will be efficient than reading a long list of data items.

All in all, I had this idea to check the illegal & illicit activities of the industrialists & businessperson.Though, it never occurred to me what can happen if all this data comes into public forum and is easily & freely available.Any citizen with this tool can analyze & raise questions or appreciate the developments in his/her area.I have no idea that whether there is such practices in govt. already or is there any bill already in making. Because as it happens with me many times, what ever idea I get which ought to be adopted by the govt, the govt would be in due process of formulating & implementing a similar (often much better) system.

It’s appalling for me to see the non-utilization of such technology (which is now available on a mobile) not being used in record keeping.And also the fact that so many online real estate sites are there which do not show the GIS map of the land area is amusing in a way.We are already in the line of storing the data in digital format now.Even govt. agencies have shifted to digital formats – the meteorological data, election data, medical issues e.t.c. are already presented in the pictorial map format.Then why not add another data entry and govt. will get this data at the time of registration itself – no field work required.Sometimes, It looks like a cover up to me. This can simply change the way people will deal with real-estate(specially the home-buyers).Also having a GIS map with locations of companies shown in it would be beneficial for the govt., for the employees, for the customer & so for the company.

One more thing I would add. Recently for some voter card issue, I checked the Bihar election commission site to get that information(poor search system).They had a GIS based mapping system to check your village & its information.But the actual file which is provided to the village officer for the purpose of enrolling voters, had a hand-made rough map made by the officer. I couldn’t understand, why didn’t they tallied it or replaced it with a digital GIS map version. Indian systems just amaze me by the sudden lack of common sense in some issues.

Well, this SHSF idea is worth considering & too beneficial.I would like to use such tool soon in the coming years.


2 thoughts on “SHSF – 4

  1. Indian administrative staff does not wishes to use technology because if they use it. Then their importance will be undermined. That feudalistic mind set of hanging on to power even though, the person concerned is not suitable for job still persists in the government offices.

    You have some interesting insights into many points. I will surely follow your blog and to get a deeper insight into your viewpoints. 🙂

    1. Thanks.
      I totally forgot to check about that.I had to look for programs who might be implementing this type of tech.
      You know I am not so critical of the govt as i observe that they are embracing new tech, though like a snail.

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