Guilt Free


To the writer whom it concerns the most and whom so ever is reading this.

This NOTE absolves the writer of all the guilt which came from not keeping his promise to him/her-self.From here by the writer can work on without any guilt of missing his deadline. And may,on choice, vanquish the mental and moral pressure he/she has been carrying forward.You may proceed with jest and vigor to focus on your writing.Wish you that the muse visits you soon.

Warm Regards

P.S – This NOTE is for one-time only usage for specific guilt of the writer.


I found a nice and noble way to expel the guilt I was carrying for breaking my promise to self.Now I am feeling a little bit lighter.The work still needs to be done.As my deadline was for today and some 20% more of write up was required, I was feeling high pressure and stuck.Hopefully I will get it completed ASAP though not today. Today is my self-loathing day and I would read some things to enliven my urge to write and do the sin of gluttony and sleep hard.

Feel free to use this note if through writing a note you release the mental pounds.
I will make it in a card form to use as an image. 🙂


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