Finishing it

You know the Crazy Project i started last month. I decided i will have the first draft finished by the end of November.But it seems it is not going to be so. Just like it happens with most of the things which i decide to do and leave it in limbo.Angry and dejected -that’s what i am feeling. I again screwed up and it seems my credibility is on stake.

My mind starts by rationalizing about why did this happened.Then going to blame people for this, to finally coming to the main point.It was a personal project and I stalled it myself, I am to blame.One of my tuition teacher used to say that – “If you can’t keep a promise made to yourself, you can’t keep any promise to anybody else”.So, It’s about keeping promise to myself now.

The purpose of writing this post is to just get it out from my mind.And deciding to go for the engineer’s way.Yeah, the Engineer’s way – If you have studied in any engineering college of India, you will know what it is. An engineer doesn’t do anything till the deadline comes near.Just an hour before the deadline, he/she makes it,the work is done.I am going to attempt the same.It is a Bullshit story and i can write it.I can make it in 3 days left of my personal deadline. After all, what matters the most after you start a project is finishing it.

Finish it


So, here I go for keeping promises and finishing work.Wish me luck.
[ Motivate me a little,Push me a little, Criticize me a little,Inspire me a little ]


P.S – I am unable to find the original link to the image used.If you know who made it let me know.Thanks.

One thought on “Finishing it

  1. well u hav got the kick finally like the one which happens in Inception right… well keep going buddy u hav the potential, but the thing is it keeps on going places so to keep it at one place for long time its bit difficult right. I really like the image. Hope ur draft will hav all the ingredients wit right amount of taste. Take care buddy…

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