Went to…

Andaman Isles. Incredible India.

I was on vacations at beautiful & exotic Andaman Isles for a week.That’s why couldn’t post anything or even write anything.

They say vacations might inspire something in you.They may stir something in your mind.On the contrary, i didn’t had much ideas budding inside my mind.I enjoyed the whole scenery, being in the moment, observing the sight before my eyes. I had two good ideas, that also on a boring convoy trip between a reserve area.After that day – it was all enjoyment and excitement, nothing else.

The best places to visit in Andaman Islands are Havlock & Neil island.You have to go there by ferry and stay their for at-least 2 days each.You have to or you can’t ravish it fully.Some of the pics below are from these two places only.


Sorry, i am not in any of the pics.(i was taking them).

There are many raw beautiful images you can click there.I would just say, pack on and trip on to Andamans.

One thing to note, though most people will have 3 island trip(Ross+Viper+NorthBay) and ‘Kala Paani’ trip, the 3 island trip is not recommended by me.Its better to go to Neil or Havlock.

P.S – Click on the pics to see the enlarged version.



5 thoughts on “Went to…

  1. Looks fantastic! Am thinking of doing Havelock and Neil as well – would you have a recommendation for places to stay on Neil? Thanks!

    1. Neil has been opened for tourists recently, so most of the hotels are sort of under construction.You can get scooty for 300 bucks for a whole day.You can check out the hotel that suits you.
      Do visit that island. Amazing place. 🙂

  2. Andaman is amazing. Went there couple of years back. There is something about it, something about the white beaches and the ocean. And not to forget all the history and freedom struggle. Pics taken there require no touch up in photoshop. 😛

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