by George Orwell

Rating: 4.8/5

It’s a classic and I regret that I didn’t read it at the earliest.There has been too many reviews on this and it has seen the multiple opinions put forth for and against it.So I would just suggest go to the Wikipedia page or just Google it. I would only be posting my opinions about this book – a personal opinion.

It was amazing to read it.As the story started I realized the period of history he was involved in. It was logical – how he got his whole plot & context from. I got into reading books because of some conspiracy theory compilation I read. It was not surprising at all that how the contemporary conspiracy of ‘Big Brother’ was present at that time also. This point was even put forth in the novel itself. The characters were just gripping with the level of detail he created his plot.I was always in a hurry to complete the plot. The story-line was not new though, many sci-fi movies were made on similar plots. But the most interesting  part was that there was no happy ending. This was the part which stumped me, the protagonist gets caught and he goes through all the pain & suffering.There was no happy ending or even any twist.It was plain and simple – just like classic has to be.

I would suggest that please do read it. It is only around 100 pages and paces forward and keeps you at your toes.I won’t say much more – just read it.It’s a splendid work of fiction.



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