Creativity from Simplicity

‘Awe Struck’ – That’s the word to describe my last two weeks.

I am gripped & amazed by the fact that how come people weave so wonderful stories from simple incidents & stuff. I just got off reading ‘Red Jihad‘ by Sami Ahmad Khan and was watching ‘Da Vinci Code’ (again) on TV. Then it struck me the simple puzzles, simple facts, small incidents which attracted my attention when i was reading or viewing them.How easily Dan Brown used Fibonacci series, Apple,Rose – things which are so common to understand and still makes the reader think that such events are plausible.I know that these stories have been there since Christs death, still it generates the insightful moments in you.In every Dan Brown’s novel it’s there – in Digital Fortress he portrayed situations which seemed realistic.

Lot about Dan’s work, i also finished reading Red Jihad around then.There also, Sami did fascinating work by connecting so many facts into events which do have possibility of coming into reality.The most amazing thing was, how simply he used them and how such incidents -in reality- came into being.He just imagined Naxals joining with Terrorists and this year some connections were found by the intelligence bureau.That’s how powerful an imagination dug up from current events and simple facts can come in touch with reality.

Not only in books, i also watched ‘Oh My God’, there also – simple logic & presence of atheistic attitude. That’s all i found in the movie. I also being an agnostic, was smitten by the story & its flow.Movie was OK but it was the creativity which caught my attention.Then came the Durga Festival – the Goddess doesn’t captivates me rather how she is portrayed, what she symbolizes, How crowd moves around her. For masses it was devotion & festival moving them, for me it was the art work & portrayal that moved me.

I would go walking in the morning and suddenly look up to the road lights, to the buildings, to the sky.There it would be – something new that i overlooked for so long.Have you ever viewed the road light just from underneath it – in the morning.I am struck by such perspectives of simple objects lying around me.(Though most of the time i am sitting in an enclosed room & the irritation from the crowded markets – doesn’t allows me such moments)


Reviewing the above draft i wrote earlier, pointed to me that i am just stating the obvious. I have been gobbling up so much creative artwork that are product of creative simplicity,so such feelings are bound to come. Also, because i have myself started writing a story & reading different books that such works in written form are appealing more to me. I myself is trying to connect the simple dots and am now somewhat capable to envision what the actual creators would be going through.Creativity does kick your head around, mocking the delimited reality of the mind.The feeling is sheer ecstasy for me and I have developed a taste for it, a good one perhaps.

I don’t know whether i can attach ‘creative guy’ batch to me at present.But i will do this and will constantly work for cultivating it.It’s something I can’t leave anytime in future.



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