One crazy project

UPDATE: – Since this post was getting some traffic. I thought of updating about it. The Crazy Project was a failure & still a success. I was able to write it.However, the crowd-sourcing part failed miserably.And as it was a total bullshit story, I have shelved it. You can still read on this post. 🙂

In one of my earlier post, I said about one crazy project. I already started it.Its called – “It’s a BC type Love story

From the start of this year, I was always telling people that this year I will surely write a book. I had two three ideas in my mind and decided that I would do a ‘love story’ type.For the other ideas I wanted to have some experience in writing and that they have some decent level of writing.


About the craziness of this project, I decided to write it by crowd sourcing or crowd authoring.That means anyone who is eager to write or even contribute in any way can do so, without any unnecessary conditions.The basic goal is to complete the first draft of around 100-150 page by November end.
Up-till now, I have written around 10 pages.My experience is limited, so why not collaborate on the flow of the story. In Dec, I would edit & review it and also add some graphics to it.Also names of all the contributors will be present,it’s not a single person book. There is no motive of profit-making or sending it to the publishers. No, instead I would just let it float on the internet for free.Anyone who’s interested in reading some light-hearted love story can download it or read it online.

[Both the google docs are in public domain so anyone can comment on it]

I have prepared an intro doc,(still evolving)—> link

Why I want to do such thing?
Well, I consider this type of stories ‘BullShit’ or ‘BakChodi‘ (you got the BC in the title,right? some frustration against works of CB can also be responsible here). It’s about the same old love triangle of some college students. The story is in first person of our protagonist.I know its gonna be lacking in many things & mostly skills, but I thought I would try to get creative with the story. I want to see how much new or twists I can pull out of thin air.But the main problem is , I can’t do this alone. I need different perspectives over it. I consider it like churning of ocean, where myriad things come out in whatsoever crude form.Its so amazing or awe-inspiring when a simple or a universal plot can show you how creative it can become.

So I would invite you to help me in this Crazy Project of mine or yours.

I am still figuring out ways to make it work smoothly. If you have any suggestions, do tell me.

If you are on fb, you can join the group—> link….to comment or discuss or to be updated about the changes.

You can read the First Draft(beta version :}) —> link

Hope I can complete it in time.



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