Pocket Diary -10

It has been too long since my last post in pocket diary series. Even after my exams got over, i was not able to because i got addicted to games & as usual procrastinated. Yesterday only i completed playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood & also got bored of playing League of Legends 😛 . I was de-cluttering & arranging things i noted during my preparation when i remembered about this series & the diary. I have totally forgotten about it, about the SHSF series & even my habit of noting has also broken. 😦 Anyway..i will post all the Quotes i found during that time in this batch only.

Voltaire’s Pangloss “All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds”

Still trying to figure this one out.

Henrich Heine “They that start by burning books will end by burning man”

A victorian era comment( remember Crusade & recent Afghanistan incident).For today, i think it should become ” They that start by restricting access to internet will end by bombing man” .(remember FATA & UPA II’s recent moves)

” A genius goes unsung while pygmies rule the scene in India by marketing themselves”

I noted it from paper(don’t know whose article), totally concur to this idea for India.(in every field)

Scott Belsky “Summon your motivation from what you are creating, not what you’ve created. Progress is greater than Past”

That is re-adjust your mental associations to always stay connected to the network that motivates.(full psychology)

W. B. Yeats “Everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. The best lack the conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”

Indian Political system(all national,state,office,family,panchayats…)

Goethe ” There is a big shadow where there is much light”

You can say that for our cities power grids ( shining towers & dark bastis). On a spritual level, shining your light on someone else does not guarantees his/her illumination.( remember the Dark Side, Yoda, Luke, George…Star Wars…you got it right)

Mark Twain ” College is a place where a professor’s lecture notes go straight to the student’s lecture notes, without passing through the brains of either”

(College nostalgia)Ohh, even Mark Twain had professor’s like that….really they are so efficient in transferring this culture down the time for so long. Genius professor’s & their notes.

Do anyone know from where or which book or site should i start with if i want to read Immanuel Kant’s work(not his life)?



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