Superman of Malegaon

Just completed watching ‘Superman of Malegaon’, it was on my list since its release. It’s refreshing to see new types of movies being created & are getting successful,how so ever small or big  like ‘Vicky Donor’, ‘PanSingh Tomar’. This year has had a bunch of such films & only for those movies i am going for bollywood movies. (Movies like ‘Student of the Year’ type are just bullshit acc. to me – masses worship bullshit, holy shit).

I was expecting the actual movie – ‘Superman of Malegaon’, though it was much better. It is about the passion for movies of a person- Nazir Sheikh and  a town named Malegaon. Malegaon is a normal town like any other with most people working in hand loom sector(small & medium). But as soon a movie is released the whole town gets in a ‘Cinema Frenzy’ and Sheikh also shares this craziness for movies. His craziness is his passion for it, such is his passion that he started making local movie parodies. ‘Malegaon ke Sholay’ became his first success & he went further with this hobby.’Superman of Malegaon’ is his latest pet project and the movie shows how he makes it. It is like a documentary and i am bemused that how can a documentary was shown in theaters of India. I mean movies like this are shown in Film Festivals only, it was great to see it released in market.

I don’t review movies but i observed so many things that i had to. To start with, the passion for movies shown is just incredible. The Cinema halls have become the peace keeping frontiers,even though people are divided by a river in between the Muslims & Hindus. It shows how powerful can cinema act as a social change agent. The support Sheikh got for his local ‘Mollywood’ movies is also commendable.Secondly, Sheikh’s passion is transformed in  productive & creative works. That’s what a passionate person acts like – without any financial backup,with whatever frugal resource & technology he has, he creates his movie. The selfish & most pristine act of a creator which serves others as well.

Sheikh & his group are so much inline with the market value of movies. He creates parodies because:

Comedy ki life sabse lambi hoti hai. Purani filmo ke comedy hi log abb bhi pasand karte hai..

That’s what even i argue that most people recall the good movies of the past, not the action & masala types, but which gave them an experience. Humour is the best experience on can get in this sorry & mixed life.

There is a uncanny resemblance with all the new age ‘kickstarter’ type of pet projects bringing a wave of creations by passionate hobbiests. That’s how they are doing it, though they have better resources & tech than common people of India. How Sheikh manages this problem of funding & time limits, is example for all the cribbing educated denialists of the country. Around three lakh NGOs in country & still they can’t even improve three lakh village in a year. They should emulate Sheikhs attachment to his work.

It was an inspiring & hilarious experience and i would just say that i pity those who will reject this movie for some candy floss grand & golden bullshit wrapped by attracting marketing gimmicks.



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