Red Jihad

by Sami Ahmad Khan

Rating : 4/5

Naxalites & Pakistani Insurgents, shaking hands to capture a secret missile base in Andaman Islands to start a bloody full fledged war between the two neighbors.That’s the basic plot of the novel.Though, the way it has been written is commendable & enticing.If you love the stories of conspiracy between two countries in tension(India & Pakistan here) and if your are enraged every time any fire from the other side of border occurs & no counter-action is taken from this side – you will like this book.

“Adrenaline Rush” – that’s what you get , the time you start reading this novel. It paces just like an emergency does.The plot is woven around 3 day crisis situation which starts with Naxalites & Pakistani Terrorist group taking control of a top-secret missile program in a joint operation.It compress the attack, coup-de-grace by the military & full-fledged war into 3 days. The military technology, warships,tanks,jets,missiles,nuclear warheads, satellites,subs & many more recent advanced technology is thrown at you in each section – creating a vivid picture of what actually is happening. One can easily visualize the  rattling of guns, flight of Sukhoi jets, blood oozing out, bombs falling all over a terrain,political & executives in the emergency role…e.t.c.It felt like it is really happening. It was like a movie for me or i would love to see it on the big-screens.Though there are too many characters, there are no heroes – it doesn’t looses its touch with reality.Some events looked to me too far fetched in the Indian political context like the coup de grace. Referring to Osama-bin-laden as who-must-not-be-named felt funny(Lord Voldemot did it…LOL).He has only a minute part in it.

The recent counter-naxalite movement in the Red Belt of India has also indicated similar plot of external insurgents shaking hands with  internal insurgents for destabilising the govt. Future knows what act of violence they may unleash together.

Over all i liked it…worth the read.I didn’t expected this much from it.Review may be little positive because of the child rearing practices for a boy with guns & weapons  as toys : boy-prejudice.Again i would say, it was a movie for me. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Red Jihad

  1. Dear Praveen, glad you liked it. You nailed it with ‘adrenaline rush’. I was aiming to create exactly that sort of mental image/emotive state of the machinery of war (and its operation) that you were able to get so well. Thank you for the review and for your feedback. Regards, Sami.

    1. It was all my pleasure.Also,thanks to you for rekindling my interest in Indian fiction, i thought the level was going down.Will you be writing anything after this?? I will surely read it. 🙂

  2. Yes, I am in the process of writing another. Let’s see what flows out! And yes, I too hope to see a movie of it soon! 🙂 Thank you and take care

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