Back to the interests & hobbies, away from the career goal, upsc mains got over yesterday – finally.It seems that i have been resurrected after a while, may be only for a small period, but now i have 2 months of free personal time. And i am planning to do more things other than upsc studies(nill) – i am wired back to my system.

I have also made a list, what to do in these two and half months.But the best thing is the ideas. The whole time i was preparing, it was like incubation & insight development stage for me. Everyday new information, new perspectives, more introspection – it all accumulated in my mind. Everything seemed to interact, new connections, new links made & finally some personally amazing insights – just loved those ecstatic periods. And the second best things for me was the new friends i made, really would miss them – each one of them. The experience was splendid – i don’t know how, but every place i went after college i got really good bunch of friends.Enjoyed my time with them & in future also, it will be like that i hope.

About spending the next couple of months, i have things on my mind to do. Some are just from the last year incomplete tasks & some are personal & little ambitious.So the list goes like this :

– Read 5-10 books before end of this year.I think 3 will already be over by this month.

– Check the pocket diary & blog about the ideas i noted down.Lots & Lots of them, even class notes have many ideas.

– Start writing short stories or even big one.There are some plots & story line already in my mind.

– Learn Spanish. Duolingo that’s the answer.

– Get back to coding & learn it back.As a backup & get somewhat inline with my degree.

– Improve your design work, work on it more.My taste has improved just action is required on my part.

– Play games, watch movies & series, listen to Retro Rock songs, watch more K-vids(Knowledge videos). 😉 Videos are worth the time.

One crazy project. With little help it may get over by time.4

That would be it for now.This time i think i may complete more of them 🙂 Feels good to be back & do what you want to for some time.



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