Long Break

It has been a long break from writing a blog post. I am totally swamped by all the materials i have to study & get prepared for UPSC mains. It is like i have started some marathon race and riding waves of mood swings, health swings and sleep swings. Earlier there used to be cyclic changes in mental states but now its all chaotic and mercurial stages.

Between all this study & classes…some epiphanies keeps coming to my mind. Many a times i will be walking to class with awe about the thought that stuck me. They are vanishing as they appeared from nowhere because i am not able to note them down. Some of them are still in my mind but  i am not able to get much free time, they are stuck there. So i got one more pressure item in my mind forcing to get some time of mine & get actualized.

Blogging my thoughts has become a soothing ritual for me. My head feels lighter after writing and here i am in a situation where i need that the most but still can’t do it.Feeling the dichotomies of a students life.Soon (i hope) i might get into a balanced cycle for the studies and then perhaps i can present them in the form of text here.Till then i have to be calm and move ahead.



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