27th July to 27th July

I was expecting today to be another life-changing day, but UPSC results are still not declared.It would have been amusing to have three life changing events in continuation on 27th July.Alas!
[UPDATE: results on 28th, cleared prelims,next mains in oct]

Two years back on 27th July,2010 I joined my last employer – Accenture and on that day only exactly after 1year I left the company on 27th July 2011.Today is 27th July 2012, it has been a year since I resigned from my job and left Bangalore.  Now that I reminiscence, it feels like nothing accomplished nor done in this one year, but again there is a thought I have done many things & changed many aspects of myself.

Since leaving the company, I have not given much thought to how the 2yr went away? what did I gained? How much I enjoyed? Was it worth it? What actually came out of it? How it helped me ? Have I helped anyone else? Can I connect the dots yet? Though finding the answer to these questions and many more seems trivial to me, but I would confess to all the friends I made there & all those who are reading this that I don’t get any nostalgia out of it. In the process of learning about myself & adapting I have developed this ability to easily detach from the emotional & social drags. I remember telling Niket that I can easily get disconnected from any event or situation although I remember everything & everyone, only the emotional laggard is not present. I am still trying to identify why this has happened and how to change it a bit. However, I am able to easily connect with most of the people & temporarily forgotten friends and I am still pondering whether it is good or bad thing. That I would do in private & later on, right now let’s get back to 27th July,2010-12.

My trip to Bangalore from delhi was boring & I slept in most of the journey. On the morning of 27th I got down at Bangalore station alienated a little but enthusiastic about the new experience I’ll have here. The first as usual of any 1st day in a new city is stressful, alienating and confusing. As the days passed by and the training started I was getting used to the city. The bus travel, near by markets, malls, office. After the 10day stay in company provided room, I went to stay with Niket, Akul & Vivek near Ramagondanhalli and also the 2 month training started. These months I enjoyed most, it was more like a semi-college days. On the flat there were college friends(though only knew Niket Personally) and on the training similar just passed college friends. Then met Ashri & Indu, both were from my college but still I was in oblivious to them – they are really amazing to be with. Being a shy & reluctant person, I am not good with girls…but they were just totally different of what I thought it would be like. After 1 month of basic training I got C/C++ as my speciality to be trained on. Personally I hate working on black screen, visuals deprived work and yeah I found it really funny how fate plays with one. But seriously this system of chance based assigning of streams is ridiculous and takes the whole control of your career away from you. Confirmed one fact that the IT firms which take students in heaps just need labours & , not choice making ones. However, I loved the training period….started playing Counter Strike first time on LAN & became really good at it. 😀 & sometimes we would challenging other class players .Even my stream was named CS.Yeah, I played counter strike in the training period(out of 12- we 6 were doing it) and yes did learned the conceptsand yes passed every test in 1st

attempt without much preparation . Made really great friends there, though got a little disconnected with them after training.Training part is an awesome part , do enjoy it. 

Just after training got over, I got a project and too my luck again got a fun filled and awesome team there. Also Abhishek joined Samsung in Bangalore , so Abhishek ,Niket & I found an apartment & shifted there with one of Abhisheks’ office mate Krishna. The place was spacious, tiled without any conditions( no-alcohol,no-ciggy,no-girlfrnds) and in an apartment. Soon came to know Prashant & Jassi, both from my college and there would be lavish & enlivening weekends till January of next year. Yes, almost each weekend we all would go to cafes, restaurents, pubs….they’ll have full tight drinks & I’ll have belly filled with delicious food. Mostly items would be brought home and then it will start…drinks,chicken,songs,senti-talks & drunk-talks. Finally I would sleep after checking is everyone at right place or still enjoying the night. I never had such experience and thankful to all of them for it. After January, I decided not to spend much & save money as it was running like water from my account; because Ashish told me his friends situation & how’s he managing, inspired me to do so. Near April, I had a tremendous urge to leave the company & prepare wither for UPSC or MBA and Niket also decided to give GRE. As, I was undecided to whether go for MBA, Design or UPSC…I sticked with the job and started reading books. The ambience of the flat mellowed down a bit, as everyone got a little sense of the conditions & started working or studying. In May, I told them that I will leave the company & Bangalore in July. Niket & Ashri would emotionally blackmail me to stay there longer 😛 but I have a strong will  .Even I came to know that Indu also wanted to go for UPSC & would also be leaving around that time . All was going well with little sad feelings of leaving them. Finally 29th

came & I was coming back home. I really feel sorry that I dodn’t call them much & lost touch with them because of my studies.

About the office life, I enjoyed it despite the tensions & deadlines of project. The only thing I hated most was the coding like a labour on a black screen sitting there in the cubicle slowly developing eyesight problems & gaining weight. :/ The team members were like college friends even my Team leads & Associate Manager was like that. Never had much problem there and everyone supported each other. I felt more connected with them on friendship level than my roommates . I loved the parties & team outings, had lots of fun there. One thing I regret is missing the Trip to Coorg. The urge to resign strengthened when I found about my TL switching and seniors were also trying for other companies. At the project completion, I resigned from the company and was assigned to a new project for a short time. Finally 27th

July came – my last working day there. I was really happy to leave the company, however, It was heart-rending to leave the friends I made there. Again, I am really sorry as I am not in contact with any of them after leaving the company :/ for the same reasons.

The last 1year from 2011 to 2012, can be summed up in two words – Studies & Persistence. I stayed in Kolkata with my parents from August to February. I attempted MBA xams ( CAT & XAT) though results were downbeat. After that I am in Delhi preparing for UPSC and gave the Prelims and waiting for result. This last year has been about perspiring for studies, keeping patience ; managing frustration and moving on. To keep going I have been living by some motto:

“ Who is John Galt?” – from Atlas Shrugged

“ Have a Spartan Humour “ – got this from Steven Pressfields’ blog

“Move On and Keep Going” – don’t know from where

“ To run fast, go alone. To run far, bring a friend” – African adage.

Arigato & Happy 27th July (a special day for me) 😀


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