Part -2: Humour & GoW

This post is about the second perspective on the observed behaviour of audience in Gangs of Wasseypur show. The first perspective is here in this post.

All the negative implication set aside, there is a lighter way to view this behaviour. First  I would suggest watching this TED talk on

Chris Bliss

Note: I have linked this video from my memory; it might be wrong one; do tell me I would find the right link.

So how humour is generated – when two contradicting events come together, our mind shows the response as laughter. The other perspective is just based on that process. The laughs & jubilance shown can be associated with this phenomenon – the acts is not generally shown in real life or day-to-day life of the general audience and when this type of situation is seen in the movie it contradicts it. The movies are just for entertainment & everyone nowadays understand the fake nature of the movies. They only provide some new perspective about a situation. Characters show such action which is opposite or inappropriate to the responses in the real life incidences. Moving further with the learning effect of desensitisation of crime & taking a positive stand on it. People are already desensitized to such actions & sensibly take it in lighter way. Like between friends there will be too much name-calling, abuses, curses; still everyone will laugh over it, enjoy the comments & understand the implications & meaning of it. Just like Anurag Kashyap said in one of his interviews that  the place from where he comes from, such language is prevalent and reality. The people are already desensitized and use it in their day-to-day life as colloquial language.

I cannot make a strong point in this as it assumes that people are rational & consume entertainment sensibly & thoughtfully. Based on Indian culture & in general, this is a skewed assumption. People in India make Gods out of entertainers, go into frenzy on seeing one of them. This blatant hero- worshipping & mindless acts totally uproot such viewpoint. Even if people do understand this, the mere fact that desensitization to crime is there is itself a matter of high concern.

Being a rational optimist, It seems that populace will come to sense when dealing with the unconscious & conscious affects of entertainment on their minds. However, the sceptic in me, thinks otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Part -2: Humour & GoW

  1. Read both your posts. Since I am tech challenged I am commenting on this one. You make such an important point here….about people getting desensitized to violence and cuss words. In the name of reality the trend is going a bit too far.

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