Sorry can’t trust

Yesterday in my coaching class,this years rank 4 IAS topper came to guide the new & old aspirants. What all he suggested & recommended for success in upsc was good and provided some motivation to me. He was somewhat inspiring in some sense but mainly i couldn’t connect with him. After been to so many topper guidance & lectures on success in a competitive exam, it seems to be only a small perspective of the paths to your destination. Being a psychology student, i can’t trust them blindly. I have lost the belief in this type of sessions.
Why i can’t trust on such things? first of all i believe there are many ways and not a single path. Second, each person has his own learning process,his different aptitude & attitude towards exams. I can only take hints from someone else & try it. If it works then stick to it else leave it. So its better to analyze yourself & develop your own way for learning. Third, times change & so does people & their nature. And adapting to these changes also take time, which keeps on decreasing when you’re preparing for some exam. Then we all have to cope up with many things simultaneously which takes heavy toll on your psych. One will start to feel fatigue, boredom, frustration & depression. Though i agree an exam like IAS does check your coping capabilities, but it doesn’t mean that you impulsively change your activities & go into a tail spin, doing much more damage than wellbeing. Lastly, the perversive hero-worshipping nature of us indians. I was really pissed off when the guy came in & there was an ambience of awe in the whole class. Everyone seeking his eyes, his piece of mind or even comparing him to themselves. At the end of the session many students just flocked onto him, not even letting anyone pass or to let that guy go. Just trying to see him ,thinking something might increase their chances or would make them more deserving. He is a human( a really humble one), why are you making him a hero. I dont like hero worshipping instead i want to achieve that level & not be a hero-like figure. Just a simple guy who got to that point, that’s it.
I came back motivated & inspired to my room. But as i was not able to do those things like he suggested, i became self-critical. My mood got ruined & procrastination started. This post is my attempt to understand the sitiation & help me be calm & move on. Writing all this makes it more clear what should be my next step. So back to study.

I was observing why all the guys who come to this type of sessions have similar stories of hardwork, persistence, sacrifice e.t.c. Is it like that who have done this much sacrifice, wants to let others know.
Why doesn’t a person comes who didn’t sacrificed much, kept to his studies alongwith other activities & still grabbed success. I think they dont feel like sharing or dont think that its worth mention or are simply lazy. I would love to see the average guys come up & share their simple story.


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