Classes Starts

From 1st june both the classes for UPSC Optional started. I have chosen Psychology & Geography as my optional. For Psychology I joined Vajiram & Ravi (taught by Mukul Pathak) and   Alok Ranjan for Geography. Excluding my anti-coaching perception or bias, this post is about my first impression of the classes


The Psychology class is in the morning 11 am to 1-2pm.The classroom is packed with uncomfortable metallic chairs packed in a manner to accommodate as many chairs possible in the class. It is really uncomfortable to go to your seat. It’s so like the Big Coaching business taking so much money & packing the students like cattle in tiny air conditioned space fitted with loudspeaker to listen the lecture. About Mukul Pathak Sir & his teaching style. He taught well with focussing on the thought process or mind maps which gets build on as we progress with the topics. He didn’t stated that. He more or less dictates definitions & explain the particular terms  and there connection with examples & funny anecdotes. The general opinion with students is that his notes & vajiram material is enough for the mains; though i doubt that. He uses the basic feel good triggers or jokes for revitalising students attention. Up till now I only have one problem that he has not yet told how to write the answers. I mean in what style or manner, hope he’ll do so in coming classes. The best thing I have liked about his style is his emphasis on connecting different subjects & knowledge areas and produce the answer in a logical & fitting manner.

Alok Ranjan Sir’s class was more better. I think I liked his attitude or approach towards the subject and his suggestions to the students. He uses few jokes to re-energize the students rather he tells short stories based on the subjects application itself, which are much more interesting than petty jokes. Actually I didn’t got bored in his class or felt sleepy at all. He has a decided structure of course & it looks more efficient in inculcating not only the writing habit but also the knowledge of subject matter. He gave clear answers to the queries of the students relating to the subject & other options, writing aspects, writing style, attitude towards the subject. Only point which put me off was his emphasis on paragraph type answers rather than logical point based precise answers. I write in concise & logical manner using points more often than paragraphs. Let’s see whether I can develop that ability with his guidance( I think it can, his methods felt genuine not the marketing ploy or shallow appealing ones; it would need hard work).

The worst thing in both the classes is that – I don’t get any day off. A Sunday off would have been great 😛 .  Then here it goes the 4 months most rigorous learning period of my whole life with whatever patience, energy & grey matter I have with me to achieve my aspirations & desires.



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