Contemplating holidays,prelims…

It has been around 2-3weeks since my last post. It was because of my UPSC prelims paper on 20th may. After that i went with my family to guwahati & shillong. Now i am back in delhi.
I had so many ideas & thoughts coming to me when i was preparing for the prelims. I noted some of them & many were lost. I want to post them but procrastinating; thinking which one to post first. I’ll decide it in due time. Also i realised, when on a trip to get refreshed , thoughts sparingly came to me. I think it’s the beauty of the north east which one gets totally subsumed feeling & experiencing it, without any thoughts. At Cherrapunji,it was awesome; raining all the time, standing inside the misty cloud formations; only few feets visibility. There we tried to go down to the most exciting viewpoint,but only went halfway(i dont know whether it was half or quarter, there was low visibility there). I will go once more there just to get to that point. There is some sacred tribal cave formation¬† near shillong that was also a great experience. After a long time visited some temples in Guwahati. Went to Kamakhya temple , Balaji temple, Nav-grah temple & Rishi Vashisth temple. I liked shillong better than guwahati.I would recommend it for holidays. Unexplored North East.
About the prelims, i think it went well but i would rather wait for the actual result & not predict it. If i clear it, i promised myself to work hard for mains & clear it this time only. Hope it works.
More posts on the list, wish to complete it.


One thought on “Contemplating holidays,prelims…

  1. well best wishes for ur preparation buddy… if possible do upload few landscape scenery photos of ur trip… it will be really nice to hav a look at it…

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