Anxiety is defined in dictionary as :

anxiety [ang-zahy-i-tee]
—noun, pl. -ties.
distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune

I thought checking it in dictionary might help me in dealing with it. Lately, i am becoming more anxious as the Prelims date are coming near. I don’t know why its happening this time. Last time i felt this uneasiness was in AIEEE paper & FMS interview. I talked to my friends, watched movies, gobbled food, wasted time, procrastinated, still its there. I tried talking myself away from it. But doing all that seems to me as running away from the uneasyness or ignoring it; just waiting for a better moment.

Generally, i don’t have much fear in case of exams, i am cool & easygoing. But as the days are ticking by, anxiety is there & growing little by little. It is like a 3 headed dog which is growling & staring at me. I feel freezed fearing it may attack if i move. Most frustrating is the fact that i know the exam is only a destination not the final act.Impulsively i dive into some reading material for hours. But once a particular piece is complete, the in-action kicks in. Even after reading newspaper, i am stuck. I dont feel like starting anything new. It might be the hot delhi weather or lonely room, that’s aggravating it. I am constantly telling myself to have patience. ‘ Be Calm & Keep On ‘.

[P.S- writing all this on paper really helps in dealing with it. Already in good mood. I also got the idea to take impulsive action to deal with it.]


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