A day that was my Birthday

First ‘Thank You for all the wishes on my Birthday(17th April)”.

As i don’t use Facebook much, i was not able to ‘Like’ your wish posts or replied anything or even posted a common Thanks.Sorry For that. <i know only few of my friends have any Will to read their friends blog – but no probs >

We all have some dream-days that we would like to spend.Some special events we would like to live in a special manner.I also have many and this post is about one of those.I wished that for once on my birthday, i should spend the day in some forest ,alone ,below a clear sky, away from all the things.Well it was not like that but still it came pretty close to it.Why such a wish, i’ll explain later.

The day before 17th April 2012, i got sick & was having vomit-tings & loose motions.Somehow i slept in the night to be awaken by my Brother’s call(first one to wish). Then it came to me, it was my birthday.I thanked him & said him to put off the phone in callous manner.He woke me up.Another 2 hr sleep lost.Again when i was just going to sleep, Harsh called me.I thanked him and all that.Then some more vomits & i got slept around 5 in the morning.Likewise in the morning Niket & Aashri called me.Sorry i forget the sequence but 2-3 more friends called me .That’s it.I was first time sick on my birthday.So what i did special.Nothing.Nothing at all.Just laid their on my bed the whole day having the same ‘tiffin’ food.By the evening i was smiling, just thinking about that birthday in a forest wish.Thanks to facebook – it was not to be fulfilled completely.Cell phone started ringing & wishes were poured in. “A Big Thanks to All”.<no thanks to facebook – ruined the wish>.In the night i realized – woah nothing special today & only few phone calls.Even Kapil came to meet me & had dinner with me & he didn’t realized that it was my birthday<he still doesn’t know :p>. Amazing i can’t believe the wish became partially true. Many people might not find it funny,for me it was, my parents also forgot that it’s my birthday.Even i can’t believe it. Here it was a partially fulfilled ‘Birthday Wish’.Contrary to general perception – i enjoyed it & was smiling the whole day<even if i was sick>.

On why I would wish such a lonesome day.I would say – “We should have new experiences right ” & “When you miss something you know the importance of it “. Our whole life, we were always with someone, celebrating the Birthday. I wanted to experience a day where only i was there.Just me & my birthday. I know it’s a special day for most, but i wanted to know – is it really special ? What difference does it make ? Do i really feel lonely ? Do i like loneliness ? How does a person who doesn’t know his birthday feels ? How one without any friends would celebrate it ?.

I ask to those people who propose to have new experience, Why can’t a event which doesn’t highlights a special day not a new experience? Only if you missed somethings that day or that time – you will always try to make it special. Live it in a better way.Try something different.Try Tedha yaar. I don’t know because of my nature or my constant need to intellectualize , i didn’t felt anything new.May be for me it was never a special day – just like this another WordPress Blog – just another day in my life.

<When i talk with sids – we wish cheerfully to each other – and acknowledge happily that one year more close to our deaths & one more year of life closed  & one more year less to live —–makes me more cheerful for life>

P.S – Got an idea after writing this.We can have a series of blog post on special days that we want to have.I’ll give a thought to it.


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