[Book] Shit & Games Indians Play

I read these two books last month: “Shit Happens” by Karan Puri & “Games Indians Play” by V Raghunathan. Both are really small & easy read; hardly takes an hour or two to complete them.

I bought “Games Indians Play” because i thought it’s a book on behavioral economics with Indian perspective & data.Alas! it was nothing like that. After reading books like Kahnman’s “Thinking Fast & Slow” . It just didn’t stand anywhere near behavioral economics. It was still presenting the prisoners dilemma & Game theories.It was a general take on Indian diaspora with very few data & facts taken from IIMs class experiments.I consider that as not a representative of Indian mindset, after all they are best minds of country.What about the others. It would have been great if some substantive data of some marketing research was used.Most of the book is filled with questions that we would like to get answer.Why we Indians behave like this?? Even i could have thought of all the things written in it(or should i say i have thought on the same lines when reading western books) . However, i felt good that some behavioral book on indian mindset was written by V. Raghunathan.Book was an easy read & short & didn’t need much graymatter to understand what he has presented in it. Go for this book if you would like to see ‘a little’ perspective on Indian Mindset.[link]

Shit! Shit! Shit!. That’s all i said when i read “Shit Happens“.I don’t like fiction novels & that also a love story with an Bollywood type story line.I was cursing myself why did i read it.It didn’t took much time but still WHY!!!.As the the full title says “Desi Boy in America”. The boy goes to america & meets a girl & falls in love yada yada yada. To make it attractive some sexual encounters with funny situations of shitting. I would just say it was a light hearted fun book.There was nothing in the book to even consider worth writing here.That’s all.Nothing more. If you like this type of books go for it .<i dont recommend though>[link]

After reading these two books & specially ‘Shit Happens’, i started to think, man anyone with a will & patience to write a book can write one. There was nothing even in the ‘Games Indians Play’which added anything to my knowledge. So, who ever has some skill & desire to tell a story in written form – please write your book. It’s even getting easier to publish online.And after these two books – the standard is not too high.Even i am also thinking to write some small book or anything.What concerns me is that, if such standard books are getting published & being sold for around Rs150-250, what will happen if many Indians start writing such stuff.Ít wouldn’t take anyone to go anywhere as in India a lot of “Shit Happens”;after all we still dont know ‘What Games we Indians Play’.


4 thoughts on “[Book] Shit & Games Indians Play

  1. Love stories, Bollywood and Indian authors inspired by Hindi Movies. All three in one is an obnoxious combo. For the sanity of humankind they should be burnt to ashes.
    You should read such books only if you want confidence that you too can write one.
    Recently I read this book called “Johnny Goes Down”. It is not a love story per say, but kind of clichéd. If you want to see what other kind of Indian pop writing is there, read this book.
    Also, an exception to what I just said. “I too had a love story”, was much better than I expected.

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