SHSF – 3

Writing after long time.The weekly blogging promise is broken 😦 .Nonetheless, continuing with the Stay Hungary Stay Foolish series,here goes the idea.
My friend(pragyesh) messaged me an idea which came to him,which was like this “Library on Wheels“.Well, the on-wheels concept is not new it is as old as a hand-cart. All the subjiwallas & fruit vendors roaming around in the alleys, they represent the on-wheel market.If some ideas have started coming to your mind on the ‘Library on Wheels’ idea, then do check it with my views and if you have any new perspective do post your comments.
After reading once that message, the pictures of Veggies-on-wheels, Murga-on-Wheels came to mind; the market travelling on the back of a truck, roaming around the city.i thought of getting little deep in the idea,by using whatever knowledge i have on such matters.The idea has wheels into it, so it mainly wants to shorten the travelling time of components of that market.In a library, books move from shelf to the reader and readers move into the library/bookshelf.accordingly i came with the below ideas :

1) Delivery on wheels : – Pragyesh actually clarified that by library on wheels he meant delivering books to the doorsteps.People can choose the books on the internet and mobile phones & place the orders.The library will then deliver the order, like the food service or the courier service.I told him its already there.If you have heard about the national chain of libraries of JustBooks.clc .They provide you that type of service (Try them they have great collection & service).When i was in Bangalore, i came to know about 2-3 more such library services,whose names i am not able to remember now.
verdict – Old & Market Tested idea, if you can add something better to it – you can have some share of market.

2) Whole Library on Wheels : – It’s just like those veggie trucks & food trucks. The whole library is moving in the whole city/area,on the truck/motor cars.I hope you get the picture.Although, it will be a little crammed but one can design it better.The major problem with this – petrol & its rising price.It will eat away major revenue.Keeping this point aside, i came with three places this might work.

a) City : You can go around in the city,with some library-on-wheels vehicles, moving into apartments, colonies e.t.c.Just by thinking this much i’ll reject it.Why? If you are living in apartments, then you would have some transportation with you and you can surely travel yourself.This group does have the power to buy books easily.There will be peek times in customers after office hours & one can’t be at everyplace simultaneously.There is traffic problem in cities.And many more restrictions comes to my mind.However, if you think it can be made possible, please tell me also.

b) Schools : One can cover all the schools in a town/city which don’t have the library facility.This looked practical to me.There is already a disciplined customer base(students) here.The library don’t need to be at one place all the time.It can move between different schools on different days.Even if you don’t want to charge the students for the facility, we can have some understanding with the schools & get them to pay a collective charge.I felt this can be made profitable & has a little social-work appeal.Any comments on this.

c) Rural Areas : With recent Mamta Bannerji’s controversy on newspaper ban on public libraris, i came to know about the web of govt. run libraries all over the country.I thought we can have library-on-wheels moving around the villages frequently.Everyone cn use them their.Uptill this point, here also, restrictions start surfacing.If roads are not there to connect with villages, they’ll get left from this service.Second, the management of library would be hard, we would have to train the people n how to use the library & take care of books & return it back.Third, who will pay for them in villages.They hardly have enough to survive in some parts of the country.If this would have been solved, it would have been great for the rural areas.

After writing all this i thought,what pain to get books in hands of people.Just educate properly on using the internet & empower them- it would be much better for them.


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