MoneyBall’s Dilemma

On the eve of Oscar Night, i went for a nominated best picture “MoneyBall”.After going through the spellcast show of Moneyball & more than natural acting of Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill, i was again in my contemplating trance.The whole way back from the PVR to my room, i kept thinking about the idea presented in the movie & some similar doubts of mine.I was thrown in to a dilemma.

The MONEYBALL, presented the incident which changed the selection process & the life of selectors for ever.In short, Experts of baseball selectors get replaced by algorithms & mathematics” or Ëxpert judgement against algorithms result.I have the same feeling as of Billy Bean i.e. expert judgment can be flawed & may result into disrupting or shifting some-ones life.There is a conflict not between the algorithms result and experts advise rather a conflict between flaws of human nature and flaws of human developed mathematical formulas.The main battle is between the flaws not between the results.

Billy Bean had more faith in the minimized flaw of mathematics than an unknown unknown prediction flaw of an Expert.It is great in the perspective of baseball selection.In baseball, we have a player who has already a record of his game plays at the time of player selection seasons.So there is a database on which an algorithm can work & will provide the results for the baseball player.After the result also, the player has to play baseball only.So no issues in that.

But what about the school system or the scores of students.After completing a school, the school marks are taken in for the next stage of life, which can be a college or a job or both or neither.But here the next stage is totally different from the previous one.The scores can not tell you what the student would become or how would he perform.All this becomes most vital when the students start having his own thoughts & becomes capable of making his own independent decisions.Recently, another entrance exam was centralized, so this exam, this particular exam will decide your future.This particular thing makes me angry or frustrated with the system.Moreover, if you can’t decide your steps in few months you are out of the system(it seems that to me).That is the reason why i think, the presentation of schooling as a factory appeals to me so much.You get into school as a factory worker learning to how to work divided by your exam results to finally come out & work in a typical factory job.That’s it.Your assembly lines end when you resign or retire, to be on your own.

Writing this blog post – i realized that after school(or in between schooling) not even an expert nor any mathematics can tell you what to do & should not do so.If the students are accepting the results & embracing the paths as told by some-one else, they have lost a part of there spine & a huge chance of intellectual growth.If anyone chooses by his own thoughts,how late it may be, he becomes more stronger & independent of others.
(These are all my personal thoughts & not to offend or impose something on others)

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