Change in Plans

I have shifted to Delhi from mid-Feb and there has been huge changes in my plans, day to day schedule and Life.Why shifted to Delhi ? : I have embarked on a long & uncertain journey to clear UPSC(IAS) – the holy grail of Govt. of Indian Jobs.No particular reasons or excuses or laments on sudden shift to this aspiration of mine.There are bunch of incidents & criteria i thought of before deciding on that. But before that , let me check on the incomplete To-Do’s , left-in-between personal projects & negative results of some activities.

So checking my last To-Do’s post, the tasks still not completed/not started are:

– Learn WebGl( i dont know OpenGL, but still i am gonna take a jump here) & create a small piece of it by the end of Dec.(Not started)

– Learn Processing & vvvv & create some storyboard style interactive patches.(Not started)

– Make my rough sketches & concept drawing real & of good quality.(Not completed – i have made some rough sketches but still not digitized them)

Only these 3 were left.Checking that post again, i posted there also that by May-2012 it would be crystal clear that which career path to go.Its clear that i will strive to achieve the UPSC seat but every time i see some designer object, graphics,animation – my mind sticks to that.“Mai iss cheez ko nahi chodd sakta yaar…. design,graphics,visuals…inke saath to mai ghanto sar khapa sakta hun”.

Leaving the above To-Do’s i got involved with a Techpedia collaboration project.It was about creating a social network & database for all the innovations(rural/urban) so that same projects are not made again & further improvements to the ideas can be done.Today only i left the group(Apologies to the Group on sudden retrieval ).If you want to get involved in such a ambitious & great initiative contact them(link – to the google group, link1 – to the facebook group).
I bought  Domain names & started working on creating my Portfolio/Blog site by myself from scratch.This also i have left stranded.But i have made a promise to myself to launch the site by the end of June/July.Lets see what happens.
One more thing i started learning was Spanish.I started learning it using the online tool Duolingo.It is an addictive & great tool to learn Spanish & German.It uses gamification of the learning purpose.I went till Level 5 & after that i have left it.But as soon as i get to home – i will try to move ahead in Duolingo.
I also started learning Javascript, most of which i already know.I started it to test the CodeAcademy sites effectiveness in learning programming language.This also because of non-availability of computer & net is shelved.

I have left my laptop & graphic tablet at Kolkata.So i can’t have all the internet & graphic stuff.No more Twitter.No more Facebook.No more social network. However i will be available on gmail, facebook messages & try to  blog weekly.I won’t be able to read any comment on my posts as i am using Nokia 6681 model – No app facility.I can only check mails & fb messages on it.

It might seems that the reasons for going for UPSC is just rationalization or fickle-minded decisions.But as i see it , i find it a pure Logical step.I have no Job now & my results of MBA exams were not upto my expectations. So what could have be my next steps after results? after some thinking & considering my choices i got these:
1. Go for any private college for MBA
2. apply for IT Jobs
3. Try to get into Design Jobs
4. Go for UPSC
On a personal level i don’t consider going for MBA outside India or to any money-hungry pvt. institutes – so 1. down.After having 1 yr exp. of IT job – i found that i can easily get that job even after 2-3 years.And for going into Design i don’t have any particular portfolio or experience.I tried creating it but its still under making.So finally the choice was UPSC.

So wish me Luck & most important wish me patience(a lot of it) because i’ll need it.
Adios. 🙂


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