(S)Trolling the Book Fair

Today I went to Kolkata Book Fair 2012 – excessively crowded with books & people, most of whom(people) were there to have a stroll or picnic with friends & family.I know most of go to such fairs for that purpose only & its fun.Around 12 yr ago when I was in Kolkata & went to such a Book Fair, I thought *Gosh* so many people like reading books.I would have preferred to play games or watch cartoon that time(i still prefer that).Even when I was reading course book or doing homework I used to watch Cartoon Network – I was a multitasker…LOL
Today I observed something else, I observed the similarity in the behaviour of people trolling the websites which provide free content and the people (s)trolling in an Open Entry Book Fair.
Virtual Trollers are similar to our Physical (S)Trollers.
Out of all the users and contributors of an open content website(like Wikipedia) only 30%(not actual data) of people contribute back to the site.Most people only use the content and don’t care much to contribute back to the website(even if they use that site most of the time).Comparing the effort one user/contributor will put back into the website content with that to the expenditure on buying books, the open entry book fair was just like Wikipedia.As to a user ,with a computer & net connection, accessing site like Wikipedia is inexpensive;similarly for a middle income family going to a Book Fair situated at one corner of the city is inexpensive.I don’t know whether such type of behaviour is prevalent in every place or just in Kolkata. From a general observation of content people coming out of the Fair carried, in a period of 2 hour, it seems most people were there to have fun & do some window shopping.People were sitting everywhere having *moodhi* , tea & coffee like it was a picnic garden.There were students from college having fun & couples(envy & frustration for me) wandering around and enjoying the fair.I thought at least in a Book Fair people interested in Books would come, i mean i never perceived “A picnic Book Fair”.Got 2 new perspective now, “fairs of any-type can be fun” and also “I need open and quit place to buy books”(can’t check any book in chaotic environment).
Apart from that, I was amazed to find an equivalent physical system already in place which resembles a virtual system.Being interested in open source – free – decentralized physical system which is based on such virtual system – it was enlightening. In future, if I get any chance to do research on that topic – I would surely consider this type of open to public fairs to understand the people behaviour & efficiency of such structure.

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