Thought on team recruitment

Sometimes i dream of having my own firm – which has decentralized power distribution & collaborative in nature.So i started having wishful thoughts of how would i do this or how would i create something there.I came up with this idea of recruiting for the firm.

First step will obviously be Aptitude Test. There has to be step for rejection first to have a pool of prospective candidates. Generally there  are GDs or more technical Question rounds after that.But as my imagined firm would have collaborative framework to do the work – i think they are not suited for the selection process. According to me the after rejecting – the selection should go as; The pool of candidates will allowed to form teams of 5-8 by themselves & if someone doesn’t get a group we assign them a group.Now a practical/physical task should be given to the groups – each group with different task, which will be needed to be completed in a fixed amount of time. THe time period would be greater than 6hr ; it can extend to 24 hr as per the tasks.After this the whole group will be considered for the offer of the firm.Each person will be interviewed separately and also with group.Finally you get your employees.

I find this type of recruitment process much effective than considering persons as individual employee.After this type of recruitment process – you get a dedicated group of employees which already have a group dynamics between them.I mean i actually don’t understand why one would go through zero team effort activity & expect that a person is a team player in the interview part.As i have seen in my college days, when you get a job in a firm along with your best buddies or like minded persons – its more satisfying & less frustrating.If the team you recruited are good friends it’s less likely that they will leave early from the firm.Generally in companies a task is assigned to a team & different people join the team; as work moves ahead a new team dynamics forms there.But just as task is over, the team is dis-integrated & again new people are found for another task.It is an alienating practice.An employee is expected to adjust to new team & slowly the person takes a form of mechanical entity.This type of practice doesn’t uses the power of emotional indulgence in the workplace.There has to be fusion of emotional bond with intellectual bond in a team.My father had transferable job so i had to leave old friends & make new ones. And it takes time to make good friends at new places. How can the big firms not understand that. Everytime a new team is created – there will be always a lag in creation of good team dynamics.It would be great if big firms cycle the task between teams which have permanent members in some ways.

That’s all for my imaginary firm’s recruitment process. 🙂 How is it?

P.S – After my friend Yash pointed out that it would be also great to add a mixed team activity for the process.I conceded his point, after the initial activity of self- decided teams, there would be a mix-match team activity.The mixed teams will this time be made by the  present recruitment team or personnel.I think it will ensure that the candidates can work well with any new team they are put into.


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