SHSF – 2

Have you checked the e-governance initiatives of govt. of India ? I don’t know how much they are effective but still it would be good if you know what services the govt. provides in e-governance. Check the site to know more(National Informatics Centre).

Moving forward with my “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish(SHSF)” series – here’s my 2nd post[1st post].There is an update of Shillong Municipality has implemented Public Grievance System. This idea – is also in line with such initiative.

ATM – Hot Spot Feedback : The use of ATM is thought of a thing of past now but still – i was thinking in a urban area there are ATMs placed all over the city’s landscape. I thought of having using the ATM machines as “Hot Spot Feedback Machines“. There are many people who visit an ATM in a day, so we can have some Questions pop up at the completion of transaction( Banks do this for their feedback). People can be asked to rate the quality of public amenities present around the are or near the ATM machines. Example
“Rate the quality of Road in this area[area’s name]” or
“Is there visible public toiletries in the area ” or
“Rate the condition of traffic in the area”

We can easily crowd source  the public feedback by asking different Questions over a long period of time. The local govt. or responsible authorities can have solid & real time public opinion on the local infrastructure & facilities.Then they can take the action on the respective issues in the area.Moreover if action is seen taken on the problems than people might have better faith in the authorities & start providing feedback to the govt. In India people need to tell the authorities how satisfying or rather how dismal their work is & that also constantly, not once in a year or 5 year.

I got this idea by the “CAPTCHA” project.(click the link to know more).It uses crowd sourcing to decipher the texts from Old books.It is a project to “Digitize the Books one word at a time”.Doing that it also provides security from the spam-bots.So i thought why not crowd source the public feedback ,one Question at a time, through ATM machines.It may be shot down by saying we can use Mobile for that or internet/computer for that. Yes we can but – answer to a single question right after experiencing the location is invaluable.As in the CAPTCHA project – people would not mind to click/touch once to answer a single question (which relates to the development in that locality).If ATMs become an old thing – What will happen to the places they are occupying in the society now? It would be better to use them as feedback machines.Its easy to achieve this & not much investment would be needed as compared to “AADHAR” or “AAKASH”.

I think my Verdict is too clear on this Idea. What do you think of it? If you know someone who would like this idea tell it to him/her. It would be great to see such feedback system placed in the cities.(If anyone seriously like to pursue this idea , i would like to get included in the process)

P.S. – i have made a series menu in the left sidebar.Check them for the SHSF & Pocket Diary Entries.


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