Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

As i said in my last post that i will post some ideas i noted down i my pocket-diary…so here it is.I have heard that ….”an idea kept inside the head dies there only”. And inspired by Steve Jobs Graduation speech – ” Stay Hungry Stay Foolish “…i started noting them, even if they are really dumb or impossible. I decided to put here as i am not sure of having any opportunity to create them but i would like to use them if some-one else made it.

Today i start with my “SHSF idea series”.(Two ideas for the 1st post of series)

1. Smashing to Recycle : Sometimes you just want to smash things up, destroy stuff, beat things up- relieve yourself of the frustration & anger.India being an IT hub & also an e-waste dump(domestic and foreign both) . So i thought of combining the urge to smash things(mostly stressed IT guys)  with recycling e-waste.In a recycling plant where all the e-waste is dismantled, there can be a stress relief program. Stressed guys can come here & help dismantle the waste for recycling & satiate their violent urge.
[ My verdict on considering it – 😦 . It is violent & have safety issues.There can be side-effect of reversing the relief process to increased violent urges to destroy things.Moreover i checked that in a e-waste recycling one has to delicately remove components from the chips & not destroy the machines & boards. ]

2. Connection/Service Mapper : (This has some brains in it) I got this idea from a process used to catch the forest smugglers.As most people now has mobile phones, they used the service provider towers to find the density of mobile sets present in an area of forest.Later they raided them & caught them.It is like finding the position of satellite in space from earth. I thought that wouldn’t it be great that you can open google map & check for availability of mobile connection in certain areas(rural parts).And which service provider has the best connectivity.

Another modified version of the same experiment to catch forest smugglers.It would be great for the security personals to monitor the restricted & protected areas in India.Like a missile monitor you see in military vehicles – it can scan an area in “realtime” and show on screen the density of  mobile users. Moreover it can be extended to safeguard the fishermen who stray into the sea too far. The coastal guard can monitor there mobile devices.

While writing the above idea i recalled that we has such system to monitor the animals.A device is attached to the animal & later monitored in some remote instrument.Also this type of service was used in “Haiti Earthquake” to find & rescue the survivors.The service is free & its called “Ushahidi“.Its an open project to crowd source crisis information via mobile.So, here is a already present device with proven benefits & implementation.
[My verdict 🙂 . I would love to see such tech & open source. In India we can really benefits it from such a service – right from security purpose to crisis alleviation. It just has one problem of “privacy” – our politicians can use it in skewed manner to screw people & national assets.]

What’s your verdict on the Ideas?? Do comment.Tell it to persons who are capable of making such ideas real.



5 thoughts on “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

  1. I liked the smash and recycle idea .. i love it .. get rid of the aggression…

    on the second one i feel that there is nothing that the GOVT cant get done if it want to genuinly … so forests etc can be protected if GOVT wants to .. it loses its own share hence they let things carry on

  2. Awesome post…
    For the first idea, it could be made something like this – First the delicate components can be removed and then the left over plastic can be crushed by the frustrated people (instead of using a crusher). The only problem in this case would be tiny particles of plastic dust causing breathing problems to the people crushing it…

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