Pocket Diary – 7

Here is what i have noted in my 2nd pocket diary or copied from somewhere.


Earl Nightingale: “A success is anyone who is realizing a worthy predetermined ideal, because that’s what he or she decided to do…deliberately.”

Noam Chomsky: “Education is a vital weapon of a people striving for economic emancipation, political independence & cultural renascence.A truly emancipating & democratic educational system could only emerge from a broad-based people’s movement that was dedicated to the needs of its people & expressive of their aspiration”

I found both the quotes having depth & again went into contemplating them.I also noted some ideas for my concept drawings but i think i am kept at bay from the digital work by the resistance.For reading, i have noted two books by Seth Godin viz. “Purple Cow” & “Tribes“.But i don’t want to buy them….trying to get my hands on some e-copy of it.Right now i am reading “Thinking Fast & Slow” by Kahneman.Its on Behavior Economics rights from the creation of the subject till recent findings.It’s sort of a Text-Book but written in an interesting manner – a layman Bible for Behavior Economics.

I wanted to write my thoughts which i noted in the diary, however i think an elaborate post of each thought would be better.Also i had some foolish ideas – more on that later.

Gracias ! Buena Noches!


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