How did you celebrate New Year?
I am not a party guy, so i slept my way to 2012…..today also i slept for most of the day.

Now its near midnight & i’ve forgotten calling many of my friends to wish them “New Year”.I would do it tomorrow(i hope i don’t procrastinate).I suddenly wanted to post something as i realized that – on 8th my last MBA exam(XAT) would be over & from 11thJan the results would be start coming out.I don’t know why but i find it amusing & i am still laughing over it.
I got no idea what is going to happen this year in my life.Still I wish thy A Sleepy & Fresh Start for an awesome 2012.

I started writing in my 2nd pocket diary.Here’s something from it :

” If you want to run fast go alone, If you want to run far bring a friend ” – African Proverb

” A success is anyone who is realizing a worthy predetermined ideal, because that’s what he or she decided to do….deliberately ” – Earl Nightingale.


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