I have been posting more or less about the books i have completed reading and nothing about my thoughts or pocket diary.Nor did i posted any graphic i made.The reason being i wanted to complete my To-Do list.I was only able to complete 2 of them. Sigh 😐
I will post my thoughts & works from Next Year(sort of a resolution).I have been upto some personal projects & preparing for MBA exams.
This post is again about “a Book”  but a really good one.

My last read “What Matters Now” by Seth Godin , hooked me to his work that i bought this book – “LINCHPIN”.The word linchpin means “A locking pin inserted in the end of a shaft, as in an axle, to prevent a wheel from slipping off”. As it is important in the wheel to move, a linchpin is a person which makes a system move ahead.A linchpin works for his passion & interest.He is the person which lives at the edge of the world, changing with the time or changing the time.He is indispensable because no-one else can replace him, he is at the position because no-one can replace him.I hope you got the wind of who is actually a linchpin.

Seth Godin writes awesome stuf – motivating & inspiring the reader or listener to get off from the seat & Do it. Do what he wants to do bad enough.Actually Take Action.As the gita says ” The highest form of nirvana comes when a person walks on the path of Karma Yoga”.
Seth started with blasting the illutions of current system – which has restricted the thought process of many people(it might be only for US,but its befits Indian condition also – we have a gene for fitting in systems).Next he tells who actually is a Linchpin(just the above things) & his qualities.A main part of the book is about “Resistance” – its what makes one leave a goal, move away from his path or which stops the action.(If you want to know more about resistance read “The WAR of ART” by Steven Pressfeild – its not “Art of War”).
Finally he urges the reader to be ” the one ” – to act – to ” be ” -to become indispensable in life.

I’ve started following his blog now.He write short & concrete posts.Another amazing work  i read.If you think want to be a Linchpin – try reading it.


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