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Recently i read some very small books i.e. only 30-80 pages.(All were e-books).
The First one was NIC(National Innovation commision) Report to the people.I came to know about the initiatives taken by the govt. of India in the field of innovation,technology& education using.If you don’t know about these steps & would like to know what steps are being taken check out the links:
National Informatics Centre         : E-Governance solutions
National Innovation Council        : Cultivating Innovation at grassroots
National Knowledge Commision : Towards a Knowledge Society

I graduated as an CSE engineer but no-one told me about the initiatives of govt. I can bet that the majority of the IT workers wouldn’t have visited this site or even have any idea about it.I feel pity for this.As i am too much interested in the development in education system of our country, i thought of studying the policy of govt. The NIC & NKC are really great step for that. The govt. reports are really boring – took me 2 days to read 40pages.However, it was worth it – the plans & policy being made have great potential (if implemented).Even if some part of this visionary plan gets successful – we might have some leaping steps ahead into future.There are policies to create localized innovation centers & state & region level Innovation hubs. The students will reap its benefits & in turn provide the innovative ideas into the society.One of the best plan was of Meta-Universities – it will make possible to study economics while you are doing engineering & many more things.This will bring some required flexibility in our higher education system. University of Delhi is already implementing this.I hope these things materialize as soon as possible.

 Second book was by Seth Godin – “What matter now”.Its a free ebook, google it.After reading 3 books by Seth Godin, now i understand why he is so famous.Every chapter of his books make sense .His works give you a nice feeling when you read it.This short book was filled with Inspiration & Motivation (every page). Its a collection of anecdotes, quotations & story by many people who have taken different steps into there careers & life. I can’t say much as every page has a message to remember.It would not take much time to read but will give you drops of knowledge of a lifetime.Do read it – it wouldn’t take time- the best thing about his books.

 Third one was on a coming up field of education entreprenuership – “Educational Entrepreneurship“.Lately i came to know about projects & movements occurring all around the globe on changing face of education.So i decided to learn more about this education entrepreneurship.There is no information or data on this on the net – after some searching i found this book.It was boring & OK type.It didn’t provided me with information that i wanted.It was like a textbook – it gave definition of the terms, the areas where it happens & financial mechanism of such enterprise. The material was in reference with US policies & scenarios only :(.I think the idea is still in its infancy but i believe if it materializes on a huge demography than its impact will be felt here in India also.If some enterprise get into this with an intent for real growth in education – it will surely disrupt the system.

Now that i look into broader perspective of the NIC report & this budding idea on Education, i am getting more interested & excited for it.

2 thoughts on “Reports,Inspiration & Entrepreneur

  1. That is one problem there are s many schems most of them just on paper , no one knows and the teachers or professors dont have any idea they are too interested in tuition 🙂

    and there is hardly any notion of student welfare societies who have jsut this as job..

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