Revolution 2020

As i tweeted “Although i don’t like fiction ,i don’t know why i read Revolution 2020 @chetan_bhagat
I am not a Fiction reader but whenever i found any Chetan Bhagat’s book or even an article, i try to skim it at least.As Anupam(fellow tweeter)  pointed that i am a fan of CB, i corrected him that “@anshupam @chetan_bhagat not a fan but i like what he stands for. :)”

The books he has written are the same old love story with masala in a free flow readable manner.It doesn’t makes me crave for it as soon as it get published.It’s what CB stands for which pulls me to his works.He has stood up & have broken the premier club like nature of Indian authors.He made a point that if i have a story to write, i can & it sells. The book publishing is not anymore a elite class job.He provoked the youth to stand up to this elite class mindset & do what he is good at & do it now.He in a sense democratized the book publishing for this generation. After throwing out the Kings & Queens system & replacing it with Oligarchic system, its time that democratization of organization & institutes starts; after all for a democracy to work, every organization in it should also have democratic system.

Back to the Book.There is just a hint of what ever the hype was about the book. Just like Anil Kapoor’s role in MI4, the Revolution 2020 comes into the story for a sneak-peek.Its all the same love triangle between two best friends & a girl. Finally, the protagonist sacrifices his relationship to the girl he loves for the betterment of society ,his friend &  the girl.Yada, Yada, Yada…..Blah, Blah, Blah.Sorry, i would not write a big review – there has already been so much hype & so many praise for this book. Just google it & check out its review – you have already got the idea about it.


2 thoughts on “Revolution 2020

  1. I cant beelive that in india people have seen Mission impossible, it has not released here yet will do on 21st dec..

    hmm I guess its all marketing stunt then and maybe his own people are going on and on about the book 🙂 you did not write what you found on the book

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