The Ladies

Most people say that i am a shy guy, so i am. I rarely interact with girls, i passed my school without having an iota of  conversation with any girl; even in college i didn’t.But, today i want to say thanks & acknowledge the girls which inspired me & motivated me to move further & get out of my box a little by little(even if i didn’t have much interaction with them).For the support provided by my friend circle – their will be another post, this post is to give thanks to the girls. I will refer the girls as ladies because  i think they have this gentle, mild character in them not like the competitive cut throat girls. I see them like a fire burning providing warmth to their circle of friends.I can take into consideration my 5-6years experience only for this ,since i started thinking clearly.Many a time i would tell my friends(whenever topic of girls started) that, you know these girls have something in them which i respect & honor ; its not lust ; its not attraction. I think its because they made me realize some important aspects of life, in which i was not good & would like to improve.

Here goes, its the chronological order.

1. The Lady with Passion.(Priya Kumar) : It was my first day in college and i noticed this girl.She had her charms but there was something in her that made me notice her; observe her. Even if i never had interacted with her(though i came to know that she thinks i am a Charra ) , but one can see the passion she has for her activities from a distance. I was not passionate about anything – just like a robot. I thought, Wow, her level of passion is amazing. I wondered what was her driving factor? what would she do after graduating ? would she go the way of passion ? She presented me the Questions : What am I so passionate about? Why am i not so passionate about anything ? This helped me a lot, i started trying my hands on various subjects & skills which fascinated me. Now, she is running her own Dance Studio – it has further reinforced my faith in passion.

2.The Lady with Potential(Aishwarya Singh Baghel) : She was my classmate in school(never interacted with her in school). In my 3rd year when she was in the same batch at my coaching & when i moved to Saumya Enclave, i took notice of her nature. I don’t know whether she realizes it now or not, but whenever i saw her – i saw potential. She was frank, fearless & full of energy.I thought with qualities like that – she will do great in life.I used to say to myself , gosh.. hope i had frankness like her. The Questions she stirred in me were: Do i also have the same potential but not realizing it(yup i never thought i had)? How can i develop this potential inside me into something ? Why am i not able to interact with strangers like her ? Why i have these many boundaries in my head ? Why can’t i come up into open ? Thanks to her, i am trying to answer these questions.Thanks to her i came out little out of my shell.

3. The Lady of Fun(Aashri Shridhar)  & The Lady with Energy( Indu Raj ) : When i arrived at Bangalore, i had really good conversations & interactions with  Aashri (aka Afreen) & Indu Raj. These two were my college mates(no interaction in college) & they proved all my preconceptions about there college group wrong or should i say broke one more layer of my shell.
Aashri is fun , crazy & she’ll move you from your comfortable corner to the playground.Thanks to her, i challenged my bounded ideas & habits of public life. With Niket , Julka  & Aashri i had so much fun in Bangalore. I went to places where i thought i’ll never enter in  my life. She is a friend i would like to have all my life( a little away from my children though – she has some peculiar plans for them).Thanks to her that i sometimes came out of my comfortable space.(Still more road to cover on that)
I had interactions with Indu raj mostly in office time. Any person who’ll  ever meet her he/she will see all the energy she has. When she talks it’s unstoppable & the energy with which she will speak is just amazing. Here also she broke some of my preconceived notion about girls. When i start some idea/project i hope i do with the energy like hers.I wanted to know what makes her ooze with so much power, i mean i would want to have that energy empowering me in whatever i do.Thanks to both these ladies of Fun & Energy i find some more of my barriers which need to be broken.

To sum up in a line,If you have potential than go for your passion with blazing energy & have fun. I wish that i meet more girls like them in future.Thanks.


2 thoughts on “The Ladies

  1. very well said in the end.. hard work always pays off.

    and thank for intorducing all these lovely bloggers ..

    you are in bangalore .. i just came back from there 🙂

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