To do

I dont know why, i find most of the amazing tools & information when i am preparing for some exam. It keeps kicking in my head that….”Bhai yaar, ye tera line nahi hai, tu ye bhi kar sakta hai par…..teri line kuch aur hai yaar”.

I found so many new techniques for the graohical work. I found a tool which lets me visually make programs for real time situation. I always wanted to study Flash Actionscript but as i dont have it now…i found Processing. It is also an amazing & simple tool.After i get over with the So important MBA xams(useless, over-done, waste of time), for the month of December i have to:

– Make my rough sketches & concept drawing real & of good quality.( 5 concepts in 5 weeks)

– Learn WebGl( i dont know OpenGL, but still i am gonna take a jump here) & create a small piece of it by the end of Dec.(at least 2hr for 2weeks)

– Learn Processing & vvvv & create some storyboard style interactive patches. ( at least 3hr for 2weeks)

– Read 5-10 books in the month of December. (find good books first)

– Post my pending Pocket Diary & Faltu Fundaes on the blog.

– Plan for the cloudy, foggy, hazy, unclear, vague  career path. (Life’s always good, only this career thing gets on my nerves). If everything goes by Plan – i am gonna make a trip across India to meet my frnds.By May,2012 – it will be all clear like crystal.

P.S – I think all this is coming out of frustration / uncertainty  as the xam comes near( why they merged all those other xams :(:( ) & with the high fluctuation in mock marks( yeah its like a sine wave).


6 thoughts on “To do

  1. your blog so reminds me of my blog. the to-do lists, the little things we decide to finish. Your blog really reminds me of how I should start blogging again. Glad to see you’ve succeeded in being so regular with blogging even with a job.

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