Nagas Lord

2nd to the Shiva trilogy  by Amish Tripathi : “ The Secret of Nagas “.I read the 1st part last month & was looking forward for this part.

This time i found that the story was moving very fast. So many new names came up this time. Sometimes i found myself loosing the flow of story, as in 1-2 pages the story will move months ahead.However it was OK per se the time period in which all this is happening. At those a year time wouldn’t have felt long (:P).The closing twist was not that enthralling , it was an expected revealing. The best part i liked was the viewpoint of NAGA children & how it was connected to the Kali & Ganesha. That was amazing. And i also noticed that ” The Lord of Nagas” title has been taken from ” The Lord of Ganas “or from the colloquial ” Ganesh “(Gana’s eeshvar).The book cover misleads you to think that its naga/snake/serpent people.The story is going like that of Start Wars(one of my fav). In some sections the situation becomes melodramatic & destroys the feel of the story; some parts are like scenes from teenage soap shows. Despite these & other let downers, it was an OK novel.

I hope i find some new viewpoints in the next part, although i think story would be like those of Hollywood movies where the initial good guy is found to be the main villain & then showdown. Lets see what the next part will contain.

You can buy it from any web-based book seller on discount. i prefer Flipkart .If you have not read any part, buy the combo pack it has great offer with it.


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