10 Things I Know to be True.

I found this TED-Idea really interesting  – to share our own lists of 10 Things I know to be true.

I am a skeptical one, so its hard to get these 10things i know is true.I tried though :

1) I am a little skeptical, & i believe being skeptical makes one open minded.
2) Relativity plays a huge role in our everyday life..i mean anything can be relatively different.
3) When learning stops, further development stops
4) Hope stands beside you when you envision the future.
5) We all need friends & family in our life.
6) Internet changed the whole world & will keep doing it again & again
7) How hard the world(physical & mental) tries to change the people, at last only people will change the world.
8 ) Passion + Hard Work = Dreams come true.
9) This is an awesome Idea (” 10 things i know to be true”)
10) I am not skeptical over any of the points i wrote here. 😉


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