The Prophet & the Optimist

The rational optimist rewired my neural database & the Prophet led me to through the spiritual path.

The two guys are actually what the name of the books are.

1. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

2. The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley.

The Prophet a composition of Khalil Gibran. It deals with many fields of day to day life – love, education,work,children,family,death,religion e.t.c. His sermons on those topics are inspiring & intellectually stimulating. It is a great book, short but filled with life changing preaching .It is available on the internet free[link] & would take at most 1hr to go through it.Read it if you have time.

The Rational Optimist – a book worth every penny.Have you wondered why everything needs to be fast, more efficient,much better – well this book may provide you the hints.Matt Ridley generally writes on Genetics & Biology but this book was a mind-shifter. Before commenting on it, i would request you to go Buy this one.(It’s a little costly but worth it). It changed & rebuild my earlier perceptions of economics, debt/credit,crisis, environment, ideas, innovation.It is an appeal to think rationally about the problems we are facing , about the situations we are now. The future has always been good, despite the  hue and cry for inevitable disaster. We have become more developed as never in history & its just the matter of what timeline reference we take.It gave me some really awesome(at least in my viewpoint) ideas & outlook .All the non-veg protesters, the environment protester, the genetically modified crop protesters, the urbanization protesters,  climate protesters & all the people afraid of doom – please read this book. And soak into the rationally optimistic perceptions.I gained so much knowledge from this book that i want to out pour it here, however it would be better if you read the book yourself.

At least watch this video of Matt Ridley on TED, it may capture your imagination[click on the link].

When Ideas have Sex


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