The 3 e-books

Since reading the ” Immortals of Meluha ” i have read around  5 books. 3 of them were e-book & 2 of them were bounded book.And 3 of them were short reads & one was amazing & mind-boggling read.

The 3 e-books which i read were :-

1. How to Save Jobs by David Gewirtz

2. The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams

3. The Power by Rhonda Byrne

How to save jobs is written by David  Gewirtz mainly for the US people & govt.He has given the reasons the US is losing jobs & why it is in the financial crisis(they are 3trillion in debt).He gave some unconventional suggestions to save the jobs in the US and create new jobs.I loved the suggestions he gave for creating jobs, because i think it may be a part of solution for Job creation in India. The ideas of running small & medium business or even the home based earnings were great. I think it can be implemented here also or at least some variations of it(it would need some creative thought for that). If you are interested for some start-up even an online one…it have some good points in it. You can skip the data parts(which were US economy based) and learn the basic ideas behind his suggestions.If you want to read it…its Free here’s the link to his site.I will be reading one more of his books – ” The Flexible Enterprise“.

Robin Williams – its not the actor but the designer & teacher(respect for her). Wherever i checked for books to learn Designing – this book will surely pop up – ‘ The Non-Designers Design Book ‘.After reading this i know now what’s the importance CRAP has in designing. Design taught by the book is amazing & i learned some vital points which i was missing when making some visual stuff. This book is literally like a teacher talking to you & helping you learn designing. If you are a beginner in design & want to read some book, do start with this one. Please spend some time on the practice sheets it has, they will insinuate your creative nerves.Hope i had it as hard copy.(i would love to read her other books but non of the books are free 😦 )

The Power by Rhonda Byrne. It was the same old ‘ The secret ‘ stuff with the new name of Power.I wanted to reread ‘ The Secret ‘ but decided to read this one.Nothing new though.Why i read it? I think with some competitive exams coming near & to get relief from the panic of uncertainty which i’ll face again…i needed some Power with me :P. Just for some psychological relief nothing else. Do i believe in the Secret ? I think i do . It may seem that its a superficial belief but it helps me being an optimist. When you are observing the positive things day by day, it seems the secret starts working for you. If you have not read it yet…read it if you believe in some super spirit above you. Who knows your belief in Power may lead you to the Secret. 😀 😀 lol

About the other 2 books i’ll write later.


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