Faltu Fundae

Have you read the ” Lockhart’s Lament ” ? The argument he put there was hard on point with the new approaches to education. Making Study a Fun time.

What does that actually mean ? Does this mean that you take the idea of having fun( enjoying, playing & taking pleasure) & fuse it with study ? Does that actually feeds the purpose of making education interesting ? I mean learning maths & science by singing jingles & watching cartoons actually makes the subjects interesting. You know i am a movie lover & an animation junkie, but its not like any movie without animation is tasteless or not exciting Or that every animation movie is awesome. I have seen some animation movies with stodgy story lines & some regular movies with amazing story. What makes a movie is the story & storytelling capability.With fusing the fun erroneously with subjects, most of the time the spirit of the matter dies. Making study a fun time needs to capture the students mind.Inspire & engage them with the subject matter. Then only the subjects get easy moving & learning happens & in the process it might generate some amazing results.(atleast that’s what i think).

” Fun in subject = Andar ki baat hai…….bahar kitna bhi decoration kar lo”

The story of Chiemagauer demonstrates that point aptly. The economic professor,Christian Gelleri, of 16yr old gave a project to his students  on money system to teach them the value & working of money.The name of the currency they used for this was named Chiemagauer.That project got so popular that it is now working as a alternate money system in Germany.It keeps the money in the locality where it is generated & works like the real euro.It has given some boost to the German economy with the hovering financial crisis in europe.Read about it in detail here.

All this brooding on education got me thinking over the farm exodus to metros/urban areas.So many people(don’t ask why i didn’t put poor there) on loose migration, always moving from one city to other.The choice of people or the force on them to live from cities.What are the reasons.Its desirable to have the major share of people living in cities.But it should be at least living not surviving.When i see with the education perspective, it raises some questions to me. Will an educated person be willing to work on a farm – tilling,irrigating & harvesting the produce ?  What is the problem with  College graduates working o1n a Farm ? Is it that only the uneducated & poor people should be made to work on farms ?

” Kamar to tootni hi hai kaam kar ke, chahe garmi me Zameen jot ke toote ya A/c me Code tod ke toote” 

I mean we want to educate every citizen of the country.At a point in future there may be a state where most of the people are educated, then the educated have to work in farms & agricultural jobs. You can’t make a machine or write a code so that you can do the farming siting on your chair (Its not farmville ). If by some good policy implementations we achieve our Sarv Shiksha Mission than 15-20 yr later our kids might have to work in the fields, if we see the job as low-level than who will generate the food.So there should be cultivation of attitude in people for these agri-jobs as on-par with the IT-job or Bank job. There has to be a respect for the labour jobs.This point as to be understood by the educated persons.The idea of the inverted pyramid structure of Service,Manufacturing & Primary sectors is a good & valid point; but there will arise the point of educated people doing labour jobs.(Then there will be point of educational cost which may outweigh the earning/salary).

P.S – I don’t differentiate the IT work sitting in A/c working there ass off with the labour work. They are still doing the bonded labours kind of work.As Chetan Bhagat said on the comment of NRN MRTHY that IT industry are like the cattle farms only. I think the Financial industry is the same.


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