Pocket Diary – 6

Most of the things i wrote down in my diary were lenghty thoughts on some topic. So i think i would post them separately.

I would start with the request to read this small pdf A Mathematicians Lament by Paul Lockhart. It’s an amazing thought provoking lament on creativity & boring subjects. If you like it then also think about the idea of education with fun. If art will be made like code coloring than is it same as making maths fun & missing the real part of maths.I have some thoughts on that & would post it later.

All the recent news & people criticizing govt. on each & every matter.(it makes sense for the opposition to do so).I know the govt. has to be criticized for many conditions & future steps(taken & not taken).But i wanted to just ask a Question that Why don’t we criticize the pvt. companies. I mean the NGO’s are there doing that job but i don’t see the people criticizing the pvt. companies for there steps taken & unaddressed moral duties. Might be that the media doesn’t focuses on them.There is a ‘ Block Wall Street ‘ protest going on at various places around the world and the progress path of neo-liberalization(our country’s contemporary policy) benefiting the big pvt.  firms;the same thing might occur here in India after some years.Our country might also get into Private Profit & Public Loses phenomenon with this rootless,ruthless & ruinous development strategies/plans ( i just read few articles on 12th 5-year plan & land bill). On reading something on privatization of education i think there would be dicey situation for students soon(5-10yr), they might not get to be a graduate without taking loan from banks( and get into the debt cycle).Actually i just wanted to say that……...Don’t Stop criticizing the govt. but also Don’t not criticize the pvt. firms(especially the giants)

” There is Crack in everything… that’s how the light sets in ” – Leonard Cohen

The above line speaks for itself & gives a point to always remember.The below line i came up with when reading on debt cycle & energy crisis.

” The present Age is living off on the Past generation & on the Future Generation “

how? We are utilizing huge quantities of fossil fuel, which came from the long died organic materials. We are using credit on so many financial areas, the govt. dealing in credits, will put the future generation in debt.We are practically living on credit-debt cycles & fossil fuel line.

I also made some reminders & notes viz.

Read theories of Macaulay.

What are Ricardian &  Malthusian methods ?

What is Urban Heat island effect ? ( This effect raises the point of climate change abnormality in cities)

Why does the cost of houses keep on increasing? I mean it make sense for a piece of land to do so. But for a Flat ? What dynamics are working there. Doesn’t the technological advances in construction & designs should lower the prices of flats?

I also made some rough sketches of my ideas to post on my fbpage. But work on them after November month :P.


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