Battle of the clouds


The sky was all white with the shining white knights
then came the marching army of the black knights from the right
there it was the confronting of the two armies.
The sky became a battleground.Both sides ready for a battle.All birds and animals ran for shelter.
The black nights were furious with there thundering roar and lightning bolts.
On the other side there was silence and shining golden shields ready for defence.
With a thunder the black knights began the assault.There was lightning bolts from here and there.
The white knights defended themselves with the bright sun rays.
The sky roared with the thunder of the battle.And the precipitation started from the sky.
The blood of the knights falling everywhere on the land, creating a pleasant sent of soil everywhere.
Soon the battle was over.The whole earth was wet with the bloods of the knights.
And the sky turned all bluish Gray and mute.
The battle didn’t brought any grim to the land but rather beauty , joy and life .
The sun penetrated the silent clouds with its rays and showed the magnificent colors of the nature
All the animals delighted with the rain came out to see the wonderful and beautiful rainbow in the sky.
The whole nature showing its gratitude to the knights with the lush and green flora everywhere.
In all, the knights shed there blood so that there can be happiness all over the land.
They will return again for their sacrifice.

I wrote this when i was visiting Ranikhet & watched the sky performing this show to me.


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