Pocket Diary – 5

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is, an idea whose time has come.”  – Victor Hugo

I came to know about Rise of Romanticism & there i found this quote. Romanticism has really amazing , rational, mind-opening theories.Please try to read them if you want.(About that idea, after watching the Anna Movement i think the time is near for a new idea)

Moving ahead toward my passion, I started a Page on Facebook collaborating with my friend Sidds to start a Creative Collective:

The Bounded & The Broken“.We’ve just started but we hope we’ll be making better artwork/visual designs day by day.Thanx for the Like.

This diary post is mainly about the ideas which i encountered recently & would like to share.

1. “…human society is passing through a crisis…”

Our country is a Socialist nation (pro-socialist correctly moving to capitalism), so in defense of SOCIALISM , please read this small essay by the “Albert Einstein” on socialism :  “Why Socialism?”

2.”…If we take a man as he is, we make him worse; But if we take a man as he should be, we make him capable of what he can be..”

This is video by ‘Victor Frankl’ on meaning of life.This is really inspiring & helps me a little to see the anser for  “what do i want to be?”.Check out the link

3. I recently stumbled upon this wallpaper &  it tell about one of the principle of  creativity.(if u cant read it – it says ” Question Everything generally thought to be obvious”

4. Much similar to my thoughts for the past generation of parents & for the present generation of youth  the future generation is blogged by Rashmi Bansal(connect the dots). Here is the link.Loved the Lines by Khalil Gibran at the end of the blog post.

Lastly,I found these two books to be included in my read list(dont have them yet-has to find them or buy them)

1. “Business Dynamics ” By John Sterman (anyone read this)

2.”The Wanderer” By Sharon Creech (got 1 good review on this)


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