The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

This is a 3 Part series on Shiva – the Mahadev based on some facts & some myths & most on Imagination on Amish Tripathi. I liked his new approach to storytelling of Indian Mythology . He has put a good dramatic, adventure based tale of an ordinary tribal man who goes to become a God.In doing so he has tried to touch many types of ideas of life & dilemmas faced by a Hero.The quest for the truth e.t.c, all those stuff you get in a Hollywood adventure movie or a comic book with dash of characteristics of a sophomore(contemporary one) in love.

The adventure was engaging, but every now & then i found myself jumping from today’s college boy to some ancient culture. It was not making the punch.I think he should have used a much vernacular language than the contemporary slang language. There were sections which felt disjoint from each other as story. All the quagmire presented to the hero has become obvious for me, there results are the same old stories.I will get the other parts only to read the story but not for anything else.I didn’t found anything else in it.It seems marketers are trying to make it a Indian Harry Potter phenomenon.Check the website(Click on the name of the book).

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