Essay’s on India

Tomorrow’s India – Another Tryst with destiny – edited by B.G.Verghese

After so long i have read a really good book on India.It was collection of essays by some prominent figures in every field of our country, from govt,education,media, defense,history e.t.c. The common to all the people was that all of them were alumnus of  Delhi’s St Stephen’s College.

All that aside, it presented the view of India which seems to grab the future in its hand.But even after reading this, i was not convinced that it will happen soon.Almost all of the essays were history based, putting points on the changes occurred in India, seldom putting any point for future.There was more or less wishful views of India.All in all it provided some good perspectives on various topics of which a country is formed.Noted some great point of views from this book.Read it if you have time, there is some essay for everyone’s interest.


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