Pocket Diary – 3

I noted some names of organizations watching some shows & reading some articles.I noted them because in future i would like to go there & understand there model of company as they had a little different approach.

1.Agastya Foundation – touch,feel & learn(education field)

2.Selco – ( solar & rural field)

3.ZOHO.com(provide best CMS & have different criteria for employees)

I also noted this one book, which i would like to read:“Zombie Politics & Culture in the age of casino capitalization

What is Creativity? this question kept coming to me when ever i read anything on creativity.Everyone said, it is really hard to describe.So i decided let me try to describe or define it.It will not be universal rather based on my current understanding of it.So What is creativity?

Creativity is an interesting different angle perception of a task,object or situation.It is the approach, or opinion or observation of the task,object or situation at hand which is relevant  to achieve a particular goal.

Let’s see how the definition transformers with time.



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