Pocket Diary – 2

There is nothing more to say except WHY.But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in how – Toni Morrison

Reading this i instantly connected with it.But i feel i am missing a tiny piece in its understanding.Why i connected with it, well most of the time i end up asking myself & others question which ends up in WHY?That what makes me frustrated that the answer to Why is trivial(in most cases).This quote makes perfect sense.For whatever reason there arise a question of WHY, we can look into the answer of HOW.It may not satisfy the need,however it may give one a sense of path he is taking or has in mind.Which can be corrected or improved to a better one.Try that if you have any WHY questions, i will be brooding over it.

After reading that i think i will try to get one of the Toni Morrison’s book.


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