Pocket Diary – 1

When i went to Bangalore, i decided to write down every idea & thought which comes to the mind.I wanted to keep it with me most of the time so that i can quickly make a note on it.I bought a 5’X7′ pocket diary(50 pages).It has been around 1year since i started writing down in it.Today i checked how much it has been filled- to my shock i have only been able to fill 23 pages till now. Hmmm….  my thought generation is so low.In 1year not even 30page :O.

Now i decided each time i write something into it…i will refine & present it here.Most of the things are just Quotes i found when reading paper or magazine,some part is my own thought.Here goes the today’s scribbling:

Vince Lombardi “It’s easy to have faith in yourself & have discipline when you’re a winner,when you’re number one.What you got to have is faith & discipline when you’re not a winner”.

From the movie Count of Monte Cristo “Life is a Storm, you’ll bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next.What makes you a man is what you do when the storm comes.You must look into that storm and shout, “Do yout worst, for I will do mine!”.

I wrote some more quotes  but all were of Dr. S .Radhakrishnan( as Teacher’s Day is tomorrow).


2 thoughts on “Pocket Diary – 1

  1. That is an awesome Idea. I too have started doing something similar. I bought a binder with single ruled, check-box rules and unruled sheets and always carry drawing pencils and ink pen with me. I though I could do this on mobile, but well there is something about pages and pens.

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